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    Hello There Fellow People. Im currently seeking a One-on-One roleplay, if you haven't figured that already. I play for the RolePlaying. I am on other roleplaying sites such as Forgotten Toys and Chicken Smoothie. My username for Forgotten Toys is; FluffyLlama, and for Chicken Smoothie is; TrainTrack encase you were wondering. I consider myself as a High-Semi Literate role player, usually posting 2-4 paragraphs but I am capable of posting up to 6+ paragraphs if its a interesting RolePlay or if my partner tends to roleplay large amounts of paragraphs full of detail, which I am completely fine with. I tend to mirror my partner either way. Im active and post regularly. Atleast 5 times a week. I can role both male and female and am comfortable with the same gender relationships. Im also up for RolePlaying on Forgotten Toys or Chicken Smoothie if you find it easier. Its completely up to you. Just shot me a PM. One last thing you might want to know, I don't like plain romance. I know its easy and all, but it can get plain boring. If we add a plot it just keeps it going and interesting. I cant leg it.

    What I would like from you>>

    I don't want to be picky, but I would like you to be at least the littlest bit literate. What I mean by that is; Detail: Im not interested in 2 sentence role plays and would rather you to be very specific. Use the 5 senses technique; Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste and feel. Activeness: Please be active. Don't worry about fretting and panicking that you cant post everyday. Thats fine. But do try post 3-5 times a week. Plus if you are going to be in-active, please mention. It makes me annoyed when I eagerly wait for a reply for weeks and nothing comes. Especially when I check everyday. Literacy: I would like you to be SemiLiterate-Literate. That means detail, aswell as amount. Sorry darl, im not interested in 1-2 sentence posts. Oh and I don't mind if your the chatty type, and will chat with every Roleplay post. Or even if your not the chatty type. Its fine either way.
    Alright. Finally. What I want to do>>
    Bold is what I really want to do.
    Plain is what I want to do.

    Stray Dog x Domestic Dog

    Girl x Girl
    Boy x Boy

    Any Romance
    Feral Cat x Friendly Cat

    Forbidden love as wolves/cats
    Rouge x Pack member
    Any Romance With A Good Plot
    Opposite Attract

    Any Thing To Do With Animals
    Alpha x Omega

    P.S Im so much better with animal romance then I am with human romance and I have roleplayed in human romance roleplayes and I couldn't say I was good at it and I must say im a novice. Again, Im fine with Female x Female and Male x Male and personally find them more interesting.

    Thanks, And I look Forward To RolePlaying With You!

    Oh and one last thing I though I might add. I would rather Role play through PM or over Chicken Smoothie. Thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.