I Know I'll Regret This Tomorrow

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    The night of the large concert was finally here. Many different musicians and bands had come to play, and fans from across the world flocked to this one beach. If you weren't standing in front of the stage, you were on the beach enjoying the water and the company of people. Concession stands were set up everywhere on the beach, selling anywhere from ice cream to beer. The largest stand of all was of a famous barbecue restaurant's, eager to sell their food to customers.

    At this stand there was a young adult woman. She had her blonde hair pulled back into a bun as she drank water with a slice of lemon on the cup. No one could see or recognize her to be Mia Johnson, the famous pop singer, with her sunglasses and sunhat on. Mia smiled as she drank her water. It went down her throat smoothly, but it definitely was not a good substitute for cream soda. Yes, a crisp cream soda would have sounded amazing right now, but her manager would have a fit. She was very particular about drinking soda before singing.

    The thoughts about Mia's manager must have attracted her, because she was walking right to her table. "M, you're needed backstage. You perform in five minutes," the manager said with authority.

    "Okay!" Mia replied. She took one last sip of the water, then stood up to follow her manager to the stage.
  2. Alex sighed as he stood in his dressing room bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, his short brown hair hung in front of the right side of his face, covering the long bloody scar that trailed down his cheekbone. "Man why does this pop....lady. you know Mia Longjohn have to perform next, she's such a fucking bitch." Alex said hiccuping slight as he walked over to his beer can and picked up, taking another couple gulps of it.

    He groaned as he felt the bitter liquid run down his throat and set his lungs on fire. "Ugh, come on you know I get angry when I have to wait a long time." Alex said shaking his head for a moment as he fixed his leather jacket, running his hand through his hair as he plopped down on one of the couches, shaking his head slightly as he did so.
  3. "Honestly, why did you go to that stand?! You should have been backstage 10 minutes ago! If you wanted water you should have got a bottle out of the cooler!"

    "Miss Maria, how many times do I have to apologize?! I didn't know my watch had the wrong time!"

    Miss Maria the manager had kept her temper down as they zipped through the large crowds. As they walked, Maria had looked down at her watch to see it was 9:10 PM. Mia had five minutes exactly to get dressed and get on stage. Maria had grabbed Mia's wrist and dragged her to the dressing room, where Alex could easily hear the two women arguing.

    "It's okay, Miss Maria! We can fix this! Hear me out," Mia hurriedly spoke. She had burst through the door to the dressing room, immediately going to sit in front of a mirror. She gave a quick wave to Alex, not noticing the effects of his drink. "I'll give the audience a greeting off stage! Something like 'Sorry I'm late', then the dancers and I run in and we'll perform the songs as normal! The people will love it!" Mia smiled when she finished, but she was quickly scolded by a make-up artist, telling her not to make sudden movements.
  4. Alex shook his head as he finally stood up walking down to the main area near the stage, noticing that once again the pop princess hadn't shown up yet. "You know what fuck it, I'm taking over this fucking show and there is nothing those fucking bastards are going to to stop me." Alex said angrily grabbing his saxaphone and walking out onto the stage, his short brown hair stuck up around his head as if he had been electrocuted and his cheeks were a deep red color, flushed with both anger and the fact that he was highly intoxicated.

    "Sorry that poptastic bitch couldn't be out here to perform for you guys, you know what the reason is, she's a lazy fucking bitch who cares nothing for her fans. BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!!" Alex said half screaming into the mouth as he began to play one of the new songs he had been working on, the band of course was surprised but decided to follow along with there drunken master. Alex was known for playing a rockish sound with different jazz elements mixed in.
  5. Mia froze as she sat in front of her mirror. She heard every drunken word that the rock star had said. He had some nerve to call her that at one of the biggest events of the summer. She heard some people attempt to stop Alex from going on stage, but he was already there with his saxophone in hand.

    The audience was noisier than usual when Alex played. There was a mixture of boos and screams, cheers and jeers, all because he opened his band's act with that statement. Even a few fights in the middle of the audience had broken out, and the security guards had to stop them.

    "Look what this man started," Maria huffed. "The tabloids are probably squirming in their seats right now. In about two hours this will be all over E! News--"

    "I'll take care of it!" Mia declared. She stood up sharply and briskly walked out of the dressing room. Mia stood backstage as she waited for Alex's band to finish their performance.
  6. Alex groaned as he rubbed his throat, an aching hangover starting in between his fingers, a couple security guards walked over towards him and he shook his head walking up to Mia and glaring at her. "Let me tell you something Mia, I didn't do this to infuriate you in fact...I did it for a lesson, you don't keep your fans waiting during a large even just because you wanted to fill your stomach with something you crave, the fans don't know that and they probably think that your ditching them...and that isn't nice." Alex said keeping his eyes down to floor for a moment his eyes moved to hers and he walked up to her before pressing his lips hard and long against hers, caressing the side of her neck, before passing out into her arms.
  7. The performance was over, and Mia waited as Alex left. The dancers and band watched as she and the musician exchanged glares. Whether if it was for some "lesson" or not, he had no room to do what he did. She was going to make sure that Alex knew that.

    "Well let me tell you Alex, you have no right to give me any 'lessons'. It was a freak accident and--"

    Her rant was interrupted by gasps, screams, and alcohol.

    Alcohol and Alex's breath suddenly invaded Mia's space, and she screamed as he kissed her. What in the world!? Why would he even do that, he hated her right?! The singer began struggling away from him, but it was a useless attempt. The man passed out on her, and it would take two of the security guards to pull him off. The back-up dancers stared as Alex was pulled away and Mia froze where she stood. Maria had to push Mia out onto the stage to get her to snap out of it. "Go, go!" she yelled. "Mia's crew, go!"
  8. The security guards managed to half heave and half drag Alex into one of the backrooms and laid him down on the ground, his head resting on one of the cushions on the couch. His manager shook his head as he walked inside the room and looked at Alex, before slapping him hard across the face causing him to jump awake and looked at his manager. "What's going on..where am I...ugh my head." Alex said before wincing as he grabbed onto his head with both hands. "You're fired." the manager said.

    "What why...did I do something wrong." Alex asked as he managed to half stand up and lean against the wall. "You'll remember it once your hangover is over and Mia manages to get on your ask, the security guard will escort you out of here and your payment will come in the mail in a few days, thank you." his manager said before leaving and Alex shook his head a security grabbed him by his arm and tossed him out of the building, it was rainning by this point completely soaking his jacket.
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