I know how to make a better world

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  1. If all men (and lesbians) could fuck a girl like Keira Knightley, at least once, the world would be a far, far, far better place. This statement is not a consequence of me having seen that skinny bitch half naked like two hours ago.

    God I could hear her talking to me all fucking day and I wouldn't get bored.

    Oh yeah, more Keira, if cigarettes were actually made of tobacco, beer was free and porn movies were of overall better quality and originality. There would have never been a Gulf War.

    But of course, we'll never have that.

    Fuck you, God.

    Oh yeah, say funny shit guys.

    Except your shitty 4chan jokes, seriously, nobody laughs at that outside of /b/ but you.

    Oh and another thing would be that cigars didn't cost my two testicles. Or whores, now that we're on the subject.
  2. Now come on seriously you guys, you gotta be real pessimists if you don't think the idea of banging Keira Knightley isn't the best idea in the whole world.

    Natalie Portman would be great too, or hell, Eva Mendez, I bet she gets all sultry on ya.
  3. Darkness...

    Are you drunk!?
  4. He's talking sense, it must be said, even if he is.
  5. I had about five beers last night, but that's nowhere near getting drunk.

    I was quite aware that I was indeed speaking true.

    Seriously guys, watch The Jacket, that movie is fucking great and you end up being all like "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDEEEEE D:"

    Her mom's a total milf in the movie too, holy fuck I'd hit that like it was the last thing I'd do.

    I mean as a free man. Ya get my drift? I'm so fucking funny.
  6. No he's high and under the influence of oral sex.
  7. *creek* A door slide open.

    A foot step into the room.

    A cute 13 year old girl with pink hair then poked her head into the room. She looked over at a bed, and then came all the way into the room.

    Sara was going to wake her best friend, Kyra, up by tickling her.
    *tickle* *tickle* *tickle* "Time to wake up, Kyra. The longer you take the more I will tickle you, and if you test me...I will start targeting your feet..." *tickle* *tickle" "Today we are going shopping for christmas gifts. So unless you want some coal for christmas we better get going before all the good gifts geet bought. We are not the only ones trying to buy things early, after all" *tickle* "And we got a gambling game tonight with the stakes being a million dollars...so hehehe...I am not worry about spending too much money today...maybe I even get the orphanage a van so we can take everyone on a field trip or something every year.." *tickle*

    "Oh! Also on the news earlier there was something about a car wreck even earlier this morning. It near us so when we go out we need to avoid that street. I heard the car blew up, and did damage to the street...so its basically off-limits at the moment..." with her not that worried about their safety since part of her deal with the local gang was she would win them money if they protect them and the orphanage, and wont try to kill them for winning money from them during the local-gamble games. Since Sara knew not only would a rival gang might try to kill her for her damn luck, but the local gang might had tried to kill them if no deal was worked out.

    Sure, a million dollar game tonight was a game involving a rival gang, and the local gang would get most of the money. But Sara and Kyra did get about 10 percent for every-game she wins for the local game. So that was still a 100,000 dollars....so yea. Enough to get a least a van of some kind on top of the money they already had saved up...so other presents wont be a issue. "Plus, since this year is almost up. That means a new year is coming up, and our birthdays....we probably should plan on those also..." with her thinking about how they were 13 right now, and so they be turning 14 next. They were teenagers now, and anyone looking at them could easily tell that since they were going through puberty, and ...developing in the right places.

    Sara liked to push her chest against her friend's back to try and get a cute blush out of kyra. Sara knew she liked Kyra more than as just a friend, but everytime she hears someone talking about a relationship it was between a boy and a girl, not two girls. So Sara was not sure if she try and push for something more with Kyra or not. That did not mean however that she did not tease Kyra some to see if she can get a reaction out of Kyra. It was why she pressed her chest against Sara to see if her breasts that were developing were liked by Kyra or not.

    Sara had asked one of the female gang members that she trusted more than the others, but she was not sure if she could follow the same 'standards' as a gang....considering she was not really a gang member even if she helped them. But the female member she trusted said some females do get together. So Sara been thinking about trying something different, and a bit more bold...but she was not sure what yet. There was no rush though...Sara knew they still had most of their remaining teenage years left, and then their entire adult life...as Sara did not think she or Kyra would die anytime soon with the exception of some world disaster, some disease with no cure, or some crazy supernatural event happening.

    Why? Because Sara had the local gang keep 2 snipers on all entrances of the orphanage, and then there was a sniper watching each of the first snipers in case a rival gang tries to remove the first snipers. So yea, she might have some rival gangs pissed at her, but she made sure the local one was doing a great 24/7 job of protecting them. So yea, unless there was some invisible monster that thinks she and Kyra smelled good...well she did not plan on dying anytime soon. She had a lot of plans....for now she controls the orphanage alongside Kyra, but in the future it be the entire city, and then...then....the world. Bahahbahaha. She might even take over the moon so that she could give it to Kyra on their anniversary...

    For now....she was going to have Kyra get ready, and then they were going shopping!

  8. *Is now all feb up i the worls and wants to move into Darkness' mind*

    The viking has a point. But utopia as always, is denied us.
  9. This thread is absurd.



  11. I know right? Fuck that shit.

    No Paorou, you are absurd and you look silly with a buzzcut.

    Amp, you're not a man, you can't tell.
  12. [​IMG]

    Pray tell

    What doth this be?
  13. Just me talking about whores and drinks and cigarettes, dude.