I keep getting the same people roleplaying with me and it's boring

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ibara no Joō, Jan 3, 2016.

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  1. I keep getting the same people posting and saying they want to roleplay with me, even though we have roleplayed together in the past, are they trolling because it always the same person.
  2. A lot of people turn to their old partners for role-playing because old partners are familiar partners o.o But if you're one of those people who won't do multiple roleplays with the same person or just don't want another roleplay in general, just say so. They also may be one if those people who ask so many people to roleplay they may have lost track of who they already asked, though having this happen more than once is unusual... If you have already stated disinterest but they keep messaging you, use the handy "ignore" button found on their profile or in their profile pop-up :3 You could report them too, especially if they're making you uncomfortable.
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  3. Just ask them to stop first before resorting to this.
    I once had someone inviting me multiple times with a copy-pasted request which caused me to report it, only for the staff to slap me on the wrist and ask if I even bothered asking the person to stop first.
  4. As has been said, some people sends out a lot of PMs searching for partners and might not remember all their partners right away when they see them, others might just want to roleplay with you again. Usually the second is easy to spot since most people say "Hey, want to roleplay again?" or something like that. If they approach you as if it is the first time though, then it's probably the former.

    If they are bothering you too much, you can put them on ignore, but since that will make you unable to see anything of theirs (PMs, profile posts, forum posts) it can create confusing situations if you happen to get into the same group roleplay as them or you talk in the same general chat thread as them. The ignore feature isn't to recommend if you and they are very active in the same group areas.

    As for reports, as Gwazi said, talk to them first and if they still bother you, it's just to send in a report and explain the situation and we'll have a talk with them. Make sure to save your messages so you can send them to us if we need to see them.
  5. You should RP with ME!!! <3
  6. Whenever I post up a new partner request thread, I always say "Only accepting people I have NOT played with yet, because I want to meet new people!" That usually does the trick, even if friends do pout. 8D
  7. It's a small community. I'd go to a bigger one if I wanted new faces.
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