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  1. Hey, I'm just looking for a mecha RP....Anybody have any ideas where I can go?
  2. Check out the Sci-fi section, there might be one in there! :D welcome to the community!
  3. Welcome! Like Diana said, Scifi is your friend for mecha rps, and at worse you can always either submit your idea or ask for a mecha rp in the Roleplay Talk section :)!
  4. You should totally start your own Mecha rp if there isn't one already : )

  5. Just gonna throw it out there...I would SOOOO join a mecha Rp. :3

    It's one of my favorite genres anD I FORGOT TO MENTION IT MY PROFILE. O.O

    *rushes to profile*
  6. You could start a conversation with me. As long as your talking in mecha in general and not the anime as i am not familiar with it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.