I just wanna write! D:

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  1. Really that's what it boils down too. I'm not picky I'll try anything do anything. I am used to 1 x 1. I can play either gender. Sorry if this post is thread bare but I just want to rp and write and have fun. xD
    ~ Tomoko <3
  2. ^_^ Would you be interested in joining some of mine?
  3. Sure! Like what and would they be lots of people? <What is the term for that? xD> I've only done 1 on 1 rps so I dunno how I will fair with lots of people. Just warning you.
  4. hi im new to this site to ^^ would yu like to join mine? or do you have one
  5. I see a lot of people are new to the site! So am I!!

    Well anyways, I am looking for someone to start something. I have a few idea's, if you are willing to hear them and possibly start one! :)