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  1. oh hai

    I'm Toxicolgate or Tox, or anything that you want to call me.

    I've been looking into this site for a while and I couldn't sign up because of Site Maintenance
    so I couldn't sign up until September 1.

    Then some crazy bug happened and I had to contact the staff on Facebook for it to be fixed.
    And it wasn't until actually September 11 until I could finally sign up.
    Then the bug popped up again and I basically destroyed my keyboard.

    And then I remembered literally praying for it to be fixed.
    And now, it happened. Hallelujah.


    • I like drawing, crawling around YouTube, and good laughs. If you ever want to laugh sarcastically or groan in disgust, message me.
    • My favorite coffee is an iced latte with no whipped cream. My favorite drink is iced tea.
    • I am actually pretty good at editing. I use Picmonkey and free GIF makers to do banners such as these:

    This is a banner I made for an upcoming roleplay I was going to make. UNTIL IWAKU CRASHED LIKE AN INSEC- ahem.
    Try to decipher all of the codes! Every single binary, hex, and ascii has a secret message!

    • My favorite foods include burgers, pizzas, burritos, and Sweet Corn in no particular order.
    • I am mostly active during Fridays and Saturdays. Any day in between, I post erratically. I always put the always log in option because I'm too lazy to input passwords.
    • My WiFi Password is: YouShallNotConnect
    • Mei is not bae.
    • I adore Undertale and Homestuck, as well as Earthbound. Overwatch became a solid fourth.
    • I got my username from an AQWorlds User which messaged me (in exact order):
    Brush brush brush, three times a day.
    Brush brush brush with poison wash away.
    • Surprisingly, I'm still fit from my basic diet which I mentioned earlier.
    • Memes ahoy.
    • I am watching this thread so put in any sort of sarcastic or actually nice comments here.
    Thanks for wasting your precious time for my sake. Have fun.
  2. Welcome Tox!

    I did the same thing,mhm stop wait a month before joining ~~

    I love that banner! May have to commission you ^^
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Tox! Love that Domics avatar :P
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.