I Just Realized Something Crazy!!!!

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  1. there are like no black anime characters lol. the only two that even look black are chad from Bleach...but he is a mexican....and the russian sushi dude from Durarara! -.-....i think japanese ppl are yellow giant creature hating racists lol
  2. oh come on you know im right XD.almost all anime ppl are white XD,they arent even japanese lol
  3. well anime comes from japan and characters are supposed to resemble the japanese(unlike me many darker skins dont really care about anything besides music and BET so not that many are in japan), most americans just take the skin colour and believe the characters are american , when infact they are japanese. I apologise if you take this as a troll, but, you did post this in the assylum (as renamed by the king of insanity)
  4. well yush idc if u trolololol or not lol XD i just posted this cuz i didnt realize it until now :3
  5. omg i forgot shaman king XD but anyway the case still stands that there are very few black ppl in anime lol

  6. Afro Samurai

    Jesus from Samurai Seven

    Feburary from Darker than Black

    broaden your perspective kiddo
  7. i didnt know afro samurai was more than a game XD....and what are those other ones! :O.....and yeah im more into the ecchi and romance sorta onez lol like mayo chiki,C cube, kanokon, shuffle!, kore wa Zombie dsu ka? of the dead, etc lol
  8. okay i rescind my orignal comment >.> i just havent watched many anime shows with black ppl lol
  9. It saves on the cost of ink.

    Racism is good for business. We all know this.
  10. What were you trying to do here, exactly?
  11. nothing more than voice a realization i had that came pretty much out of nowhere although it has been proven wrong lol

  12. YOU sir, are the racist! D: you have admitted it!

    And also, Brock from Pokemon is black, isn't he?
  13. im not exactly sure what brock is lol....and im not racist lol.my little bro is black lol
  14. It's funny, at least some people realize I'm joking when I do this shit.
  15. Br0ck is an alien.
    He has c0me t0 steal yer w0menz.