...I just realised I never actually posted a formal introduction.

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  1. I'm not too fussed about what I'm called, honestly. Call me by character name, whoever I happen to be playing, or call me Day. Or Aniday. Whatever you can remember.
    I'm old enough to vote and too young to drink, and I operate on EST. I won't always be on, and sometimes I'll be quite busy, so please bear with me! I'm doing my best, just as everyone is.
    I'm faintly new to the site-- if looking over the shoulder of a friend doesn't count as experience on Iwaku-- but not so to roleplaying, which I've been doing formally for roughly four years. I don't have a preference between group and one-on-one roleplays, but I have done both.
    I... prefer Gangnam Style on the basis that once one overlooks the frankly bewildering popularity it's gotten, it's quite a good song... Judge me as you will on that.
    Some sort of violin suite keeps playing in my head. I recognise it, but don't remember the title.
  2. Well then, hello at least, Aniday. >:3
  3. Hello, Miss Diana!