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  1. Okay, this is great. You totally have to try it.

    First go here: http://www.mapcrunch.com/

    On the upper right of the screen is a button that looks like this: <<

    Click that button, a window will slide out with a bunch of country names on it. At the top of that window is a tab that says "ALL"

    Click that tab.

    At the Bottom of the window is a check box that says "Stealth"

    Check that box.

    Now click Go.

    Here's the Game: Figure out where the hell you are. Think of it like Real World Myst and you've been dropped in the middle of no where. Use the signs, the car styles, the building styles, the landscapes, the language and anything else you can manage to find out what city you're in.

    Have fun getting lost!

    HARDCORE MODE: Do the same thing without using your web browser to look up information you find along the way.

    SURVIVAL MODE: This works well on the ones that put you in the middle of nowhere! Don't worry as much about where you are, but instead imagine you've been dropped in the middle of no where and you have to find out how to get home. Try to find boats, people, cell towers, smoke, shops, houses, anything that could get you back home and imagine up how you'd do it!
  2. I seriously just got dropped in the middle of nowhere. There are green pastures to the left of me and a brown patch to the right and there's only one red car.


    Let the games begin. >=]

    EDIT: I was in the Czech Republic!
  3. I don't know where I am...


  4. I really didn't think I was put in a major city so I walked around longer than I should have. I should have figured that after seeing 18 signs that said Berlin on it I was in Berlin.
  5. Fairly certain I'm in South America... I'll let ya'll know when I find out where I am.

    EDIT: Froze it... trying again. Fairly certain it was all Portuguese I was reading though.
  6. I have now become a stalker of the world!
  7. This is going to be fun.
  8. Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 1.03.15 PM.png

    Took a bit of walking to figure out I got dropped off in an open stretch of land north of Big Lake, Texas.
  9. I got dropped into a town in Thailand.

  10. Go track down Vay and have coffee.
  11. I am going to try it outtt! :D
  12. 2nd Try

    *Sees all the french signs* ...France?

    *Notices that they are on the Trans-Canada-Hwy* Ahh, Quebec. Keep heading west on this road, and I'll hit familiar territory eventually. Might even run right through to my place or residence.

    They didn't take me too far from home this time.
  13. I would end up in a Japanese suburb. Now to sell my soul to the record producers and become an aidoru-desu./JK, but now I have to find out where the heck I am in Japan because all I see is suburbia, aaaaah!

    EDIT: Oh, I'm in Tama in Tokyo. That's why it feels like suburbia everywhere. Sad it took me that long. x_x;