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  1. So as the title says I´m new around here. Still not sure what I´m getting myself in to(or what I´ll find here)..But I do like RP-ing , this is the 3rd RPG site that I joined. The first one closed :( and on the second one...too little people and when I´m on most of the members are Off...Stupid time differences -.-

    Anyways, not sure what else to tell you...I´m in to all kinds of arts and music. I rarely act my age, and for most of the time I don´t care. I LOVE animals and reading..and writing...and photographing...
    :tongue: The fun stuff.

    So I guess that´s about it. " See" ya all around. :)
  2. Welcome to the site.
  3. Welcome! I'm Zypher, and I'm your local friendly global rp mod~ If you need help getting into an RP, want to bounce ideas off of someone for your own or just have any general questions about the site feel free to just shoot me a PM and I'll be sure to help you right away! ^^
  4. As the local Irish Dragon, I welcome you. *bows* *flies away*
  5. You look like my kinda person. Welcome, welcome I please, be yourself and freak them out before they freak you out. And if all else fails freak out in the counseling section.

    I usually go by Vay but since is Halloween I just on a friendlier face, And I believe you'll fit in nicely. Any questions you can contact me at any time.

    One last thing: Roleplayers' resumes let us know what kind or RPer you are.
  6. hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you h-have any questions just a-ask, and p-please don't kill me with affection *runs out with tail between legs*
  7. Hey, welcome! I'm Fluffy. :3 *Snuggles*

    If you want a chat, have a question, want some roleplay recommendations or help with a plot, feel free to ask!

    Anyways, welcome to the forum. I ish one of the glorified custodians admins of the forum. Enjoy your state and don't feed Chaos any eroge shots.
  9. Im a newbie too! (:
    btw i like your crazyness.. im a spaz myself at times(: