I have way too much inspiration and I can not chose

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Which idea would you like to see as a rp?

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  1. Imaginearium

  2. Love-Experiment

  3. Love-Experiment (yaoi)

  4. When the hunted become the hunters

  5. Frenemies?

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  6. A Taste of Freedom - The Ultimate Test

  7. I see, I see, something you don't see (numbers)

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  1. Yeah as the title said. I am having way to many rp ideas and I would like to start up one (or maybe two, depending on the interest) yet I have no idea what kind of rp would be prefered at the moment so taadaa there is this thread XD The plots below are more or less summaries of the actual plot line, just to give you an idea. If you have any question, feel free to ask!

    My current favorites are Love-Experience, A Taste of Freedom and Imaginearium (however this is changing with the minute XD). One last thing, I am a big fan of small group rps. Just wanted that to be said on beforehand. I am also open for suggestions or thoughts on everything. If you want me to tag you (if I actually create the roleplay) don't forget to comment below. Please vote at least in the poll!

    Setting; Modern World (the other dimension can be anything)
    Genres; Friendship, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Magic, Fantasy, Humor, Adventure, Hardship

    You typical small town where every one knows everyone and nothing ever happens. Apart from the fact it is not that typical. The town in under a spell, nobody knows why or how and after centuries people have stopped asking themselves those question and just accepted it. The spell strikes at totally different times. Sometimes it leaves the citizens alone for days and even weeks, at other times it strikes four or five times a day. Some people see it as a curse, while other see it as a blessing. The spell itself? It places the people in a different dimension for as long as it is activate. A dimension where everything is possible for as long as you can imagine it!


    Setting; Modern World
    Genre; Romance, Friendship, Drama, Libertine intended, Humor, Fun, Slice of Life, a dash of magic perhaps

    A group of people from the ages 18 to 25 participate in the gameshow 'Love-Experiment'. They can either be signed up themselves or be signed up by friends/family. Each of them starts with 500.000 euros. For each love confession they get out of another person you can win extra money. If it is a clear 'I love you' it will be 10.000 euros. If it is not those three specific words, but some other combination with the same meaning, it will be 5.000 euros. That money will come from the one confessing. (so if you say I love you, you go down 10.000 euros etc.) If one reaches 0 euro they are eliminated from the gameshow. The winner is the one with the most money in the end (duh). However all of them will be paid out the amount they have in the end. They will be staying in a luxe resort with everything they could want or wish for. Of course there will be random objectives they have to fullfill. (These objectives either coming from the public (since it is a live show), other participants, or simply the host/directors themselves). Each objective can earn them extra money (depending on the task) or lose money (if they don't complete it). So who can stay out of love the longest, while making most people fall in love?

    (I could make this one as a MxM rp, not sure though)
    When the hunted become the hunters

    Setting; Modern World
    Genres; Fantasy, Friendship, Romance, Drama, Betrayal, Fun, Humor, Survival, Adventure

    1900. A new start. A start without any magical beings. That is what it had been for the humans. Hunters had been send out to kill and destroy every non-human they could find at whatever costs. It had been a true wipe out among magical beings, families had been ripped apart, truces that had once been made destroyed. The hunters hailed as hero's, praised for their service to mankind. The magical beings seen as monsters, killed like criminals in Medieval Times.
    Now, 116 years later, most humans have forgotten about the destruction that they had brought on the magical beings. All of it nothing more than legends and fairytales. Humans had thought themselves to be safe from these 'monsters', yet nothing was less true. This becoming evident as a new generation of hunters suddenly awakens. However the magical beings are prepared this time...

    Setting; (Modern) Fantasy
    Genres; Fantasy, Magic, Humor, Friendship, Romance, Drama, Old Wars, Forbidden Love

    Just like humans, magical beings have always been at war with each other. All of them having their own approaches when it comes to humans, and those new reasons for fights, discussions and differences among the beings. However it is decided that (for all their survival with the humans growing better and stronger and not much friendlier towards them) they will have to figure out what to do with the human kind. Thus every race sends two representatives towards Ferixal (a big old mansion hidden in a forest where technology not seems to work). They will have to come to an agreement on what to do with the humans. Are they gonna live among them, or declare war on them? But first of all they will have to learn how to see passed their differences and old feuds, if they are able to at all.

    Inspiration; Underworld, Perfect Creature
    A Taste of Freedom - The Ultimate Test

    Setting; Modern Fantasy
    Genre; Fantasy, Magic, Adventure, Friendship, Romance, Drama, Hardship, Survival

    The facility, a research center, was all they had ever known in their short life. Most of them had born there, those who had lived outside the facility, had been wiped from their memory upon arrival. They seem to be just normal young people, however they possess very unique powers. Powers that make them feared, that make them useful possibily. That was what the research center was all about after all. If they could be used for wars, as an advantage, or if their powers were useless after all. And they were finally sick of being pushed around, probed with, tested on, so they tried to escape. Only one thing was not something they had taken in consideration, that their escape was the ultimate test.

    Inspiration; Hunger Games
    I see, I see, something you don't see (Numbers)

    Setting; Modern World
    Genres; Mystery, Friendship, Romance, A dash of Fantasy, Slice of Life, Drama, Fun, Hardship

    A group of young people have been speaking a lot with eachother through a social media chatroom. They have shared a lot of stuff from behind their screen. Friendships and (long distance) love has grown between them and now, for the first time, they have decided to all meet up. One of the chatters has invited the others to stay over at their families mansion as a celebration of the chatrooms fifth anniversary. However there is more to it than simply a meeting of friends, some have mentioned seeing random floating numbers, others have or have not admitted to have this same ability. Together they want to find out what those numbers are... will they be able to do that or will they be too distracted by meeting them all in real life? More importantly, will they click like they did from behind the screens?

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  2. I think A Taste of Freedom is the main one I would love to do^^ than Imaginearium than Love-Experiment (If it's a group rp, since I don't do 1x1) but ATOF is the main one for me right now^^, and my char would of course have Telekinesis my favorite power of all time^^
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  3. Yes, these are all meant as (small) group rps. I will take that in consideration^^
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  4. *Flails* I can barely keep up with the roleplays I have currently, but I do love the Numbers roleplay :3
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  5. Me having too much time and too much inspiration and not being able to chose between plots so I am letting that other people do for me
  6. I would say either A Taste of Freedom - the Ultimate Test, or When the hunted become the hunters.
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  7. @DarkiusHeavenstein

    You know I'm up for them all lol. If we do taste of freedom, I can bring back Klaus o v o
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  8. Looks like ATOF might be the winner^^ woot xD
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  10. Os this the famous Klaus i have heard of before?
  11. YES!
  12. Is my Klausypoo famous???
  13. Hahaha somewhat :P
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  14. I might switch genders though...I don't play enough girls lol...and a female klaus would be fucking amazing. I already have a face claim in mind
  15. = w =" shucks
  16. I had made a character of the same name and dark flipped a few tables.
  17. Ahhhhhh okay
  18. Yeah.... it was funny as heck.
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