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  1. Okay, so this NEEDS development. This is a spur-of-the-moment posting inspired by a dream I had last night, and I just want to get it down on here before it entirely slips my mind, dropping forever into the infinite abyss of forgetfulness. (Ah, the world of Lost Dreams! Is there anywhere more horrific, more sorrowful?)

    Basically, this would take place in a parallel world that select book, movie, and comic villains have been called to after their death. This world is under threat of ultimate destruction by a demonic species (we can work out the kinks on them later) that emit an odd substance known as "mind-fog," thus destroying the inhabitants of this world.

    The world's inhabitants are abandoned characters that authors thought up, and then decided not to use them. When this happens, the characters are born into this parallel world. The reason "mind-fog" is so deadly to them is because they exist only because someone imagined them up; they can be destroyed just as easily as forgetfulness.

    The villains I mentioned before are called into this world to save it. (Weird, right?) Since they likely lived throughout numerous compositions of some sort, they have a more definitive form (ie, their creator had developed upon their concept) and are therefore far less likely to succumb to mind-fog. The reason villains were called to take up this task is simple -- they have a glorious motive, the motive to save themself from damnation.

    Playable characters will probably include the world's inhabitants (they are incredibly weak, though) and the villains.
    Villains can be from any work, and they have memory of their other life. (In order to avoid extreme spoilers, I'll ask that they do not call upon these memories.)

    Any villain you can think of can be played!
    Voldemort, Valentine Morgenstern, Sebastian Morgenstern, Bellatrix Letrange, Sir Devin, Lilith Tubercain, Palin, Omega (from Max Ride), Jeb Batchelder, etcetera. HOWEVER, in the case of characters like Voldemort and Sebastian, they will go by their given name and look more humane.

    In other words, Voldemort will take on the appearance of Tom Marvolo Riddle and appear in his likeness.
    Sebastian will go by Jonathen and have green eyes instead of his demonic black eyes.

    I expect that I will be playing Lilith Tubercain and Sebastian/Jonathen Morgenstern.

    Anyway, if you're interested, leave a message down below.
    I also would love to hear any ideas concerning this vague idea, anything to help with its development! c;
  2. How did I know that a (potterite? idk the word for an obsessive harry potter fan) would have read maximum ride?
  3. First off, the official term is PotterHEAD. cx
    But yeah; I'm generally a fan of action and adventure in general.
    Wizards, mutants, knights, dragons, demons, you name it, I've probably read SOMETHING concerning it. c;
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