I Have The Ultimate Eye

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  1. I am Wrath The Furious. Furious and wrathful as I may be, I'm actually a nice guy if you get to know me.

    After scavanging numerous RP sites I have decided to take up residence here.

    I consider myself a fan of a lot of different genres of RP but I am not without limitation. I am dedicated, however and I hope that all of my partners are the same. If you have anything Fantasy-, Modern-, Sci-Fi-, Horror-, Romance-related then you're free to hit me up. I also do (or rather, prefer) mature RP's so I'm a qualified and helpful partner in that genre as well. I often contribute to the plot in my own way so you'll find me to be a lot of help :3

    You'll find my characters to be inspired by existentialism and humanism mixed in with some traits I feel will define them such as egocentrism, rationalism, depression, self-destructive behavior, vigilantism, cynicism, misantrophy and other traits I feel will add another depth to my character. I value character depth a lot, my characters are intended to be fun for me to write, after all.

    I still have the Ultimate Eye so don't try anything stupid.

    Nice to meet all of you!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Nice to meet you! :3 You sound like an excellent role-player, great to have ya here!
  3. Hi there Wrath the Furious. Can I call you Wrath? Somehow I really want to call you Wrath...

    Anyway...You sound interesting, and you chose a good place to extend your roots. Also, your idea behind characters makes sense to me. Depth in a character is very important, though sometimes hard to create. Layers are always neat :D And...I have new words to look up now. Which is awesome. I love new words!

    So anyway...Um...Enjoy your stay! I look forward to seeing more of you soon.