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Hi I'm looking for RPing partners. I'm very new. Have yet to do any kind of rp on here.

I enjoy longer threads. About three to four paragraphs per reply is a good length for me. Most of the threads I do include romance, but I'm cool with developing other kinds of relationships.

General Rules:

-no smut/sex scenes

-don't godmod/infomod

-just be a nice person


I mainly do fxm and mxm, but I have always wanted to do some cute, fluffy fxf. Polyamory is also a thing that I like, but I think I will have a separate thread for that in the group roleplay section.

Plot Ideas:

• alien meets human
- heres the catch: the alien can't stay for long.

• supernatural being meets human

• any kind of apocalypse/natural disaster/survival plot
- I have way too many to name them all

• a single, disabled and young father with two small children (the result of sexual abuse) falls in love.
-I will roleplay as the dad and the kids. Your character can be a man or a woman or neither-- up to you.

• sacred/magical being falls in love with a human
- I will give you more details if you pm me but basically, I have this plot where humans follow and worship mages like they're gods. And some of these mages builds kingdoms and villages for their human followers.
- I also have another plot where a human kingdom made a deal with a magical one. Basically they will stop trying to fight them for resources if they give them a magic user. The youngest prince, the blacksheep of the royal family, is sent to the human village where he is permanently locked up and forced to provide the human kingdom with good weather and stuff like that with his magic. Villagers adores him for it and often give him offerings as thanks for looking over the kingdom.

•Mermaids/sirens meets human.

•Highschool with a twist
-haunted school? School for superhumans? School for super villains? Throw them at me.

-any kind of roomates.

•Dad is a softcore witch and has a body care/homemade soap/ bath products store and Mom is a super powerful evil queen. Baby girl has a bit of both.

I have so many plots slay me. This is only a few.

I have many many AU ideas for fandom rps too, but I won't put those here. I actively roleplay as an AU Sasuke who is deaf and blind. Come to me if you're interested.

Devious Bunny

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Hey there, friend~!

I'm interested in doing some of these with you, if you're still open. I'm always down for apocalypse, magical romance, femslash and/or mermaids and sirens. ESPECIALLY mermaids/sirens. Should I PM you?


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Hello there~ Gulliver speaking. I'm not new, but I am a returning member, and I would love to get back in the swing of things with an interesting roleplay. Would you, perhaps, play an "Alien Meets Human" scenario with me?
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