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  1. Okay, so I have had some ideas for role plays for awhile now and I thought I would put up a thread to have you guys pick one you wanted to do, and then pm me or something Kay? Kay! lets get started. XD Also after all of these are claimed if you still want to do one of them, you can? I would like to do more then one of these because I like seeing were different people take them plot wise and all that XD.

    Angel with a Shotgun
    (The title is from the song Angel with a shotgun by the cab)
    (This one is a yaio and has romance.)
    Micheal is an angel that was cast-down to protect the world from mayhem, and destruction. Until the day that is Father God, comes down and takes back the earth that he created many years ago. He goes to school as a normal kid and has to act like a normal kid, but like he was instructed by his father, he must kill every demon that gets in his way. One day Micheal is living a normal day and he realizes a demon, strangely following a boy around everywhere he goes. The demon never threatens to kill the boy, but he does want his soul and his body. Micheal follows the boy cautiously and watches the demon and the boy trying to figure out why they are so close and bonded. The boy ends up being a descendant from the devil himself. Micheal eventually grows a liking for the boy and tries to protect, seeing how his father has found out and wants this boy dead.
    (sounds religious, but its not trust me)

    Only in our lifetime
    (This is a yuri, never done one of these, so I thought I would give it a try)
    Lucy is a princess, her mother and father died when she was young and she was forced to take over, she is still a kid at heart and loves to have fun, but knows how to be serious when her kingdom calls for it, she loves her kingdom and the people in it. She rules the kingdom of Mouther, it is a small little town, but it is expanding quickly. she is ruthless to any of of the kingdoms surrounding it. She loves any town who helps her, which are a lot. One day she orders her knights and warriors to take a town called Dufaythe, the king and queen that once ruled this kingdom, tried to kill her mother and father to take Mouther for themselves.. Inside this town is the opposing princess, neither of them want anyone in either towns hurt, so they come to an agreement to join forces and rule both kingdom's as one, they relocate a castle so that it is in the middle of both towns. they live and rule together, but ruling together, with opposing kingdoms, has its ups and downs.
    (I want them to develop a love for each other and I want it to be cute XD)

    Academy for the different
    (This can be a regular romance or a yaio you can pick)

    Luke goes to a school for elemental's, he controls Fire and wind, and is learning all of the other elements. Every student that Attends this school control some type of element, not all people in this have the ability (meaning there are normal people in this world as well) All of the students that attend this academy are training to join and army. Little do they know, the schools leaders want to take over the world with using their students,the students don't know they will have to kill innocent people. Luke and (your character) meet up one day in a battle for training. The end of the fight is nearing and Luke is winning, he had you pinned and the instructor yells for Luke to finish you. he does not, he lets you live and is put in solitary confinement for disobeying orders and is treated like shit. once he is out, he finds you and tries to convince you to help him find out what this school is really about, they have never asked for a classmate to kill another in the entire time that Luke has been attending this school. you and Luke must find out the truth and stop the school from letting the rest of the school unleash hell on innocent people.

    So, just post which one you want to do and we will go from there XD enjoy. Also if you have one that you would like to try with me, just let me know and I will give it a try. XD


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  2. Im intrested in the first one
  3. I am interested in the yuri on but have a question about it.
  4. what is your question?
  5. I love the last one and I'd be so down for that. Wanna?
  6. Also.. I know it says lurker, but I've been so busy with organizing school for the spring and finding a new job, but things are clearing up now, and I'd be more than willing to commit. I promise.
  7. Oh, snap. Does claimed mean you're already doing it? D:
  8. Yea it does sorry. but I will keep you in mind if I come out with new ideas.