I have some ideas. Just need a partner!

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  1. I'm more of a modern gal. I prefer things like...

    Anything in Purple is Something I play with Either Gender.
    Anything in Blue is something I play as a male character.
    Anything in Pink is something I play as a female character.
    Anything with a + Beside it, means I've got a lot of them on the go already and I expect a really good plot from you if you're interested.
    Anything with a beside it means I will play it Female Slash if you're interested.
    Best Friends
    Babysitter x Babysat's father
    Teacher x Student
    Gifted Boarding School
    Royalty (Finishing School) +
    I also like to play Victoria era style things... Things that take place in 1800s. If you want to play this with me, I would appreciate it if you knew something about the era. Even if it was just inventions. I don't want to play with you and find your character pulling out a cordless landline telephone. I will smite you.
    I play this one as a Yuri role-play. It takes place at a finishing school.

    I will even play something that goes back even further. Medieval royalty. Prince and Princess. That sort of thing.
    I prefer to play a Prince in that one.

    I expect Romance. Because I'm a girl. And I'm that way. ;P

    And honestly, I can't think of anything else because I'm sort of a scatter brain.
    If there is something Modern-like that you're craving, send me a PM and then we shall talk it over. :)
  2. Just pointing out..!

    If you subscribe to threads, they give you notifications just like PMs do :3
  3. Actually. I just found this out the other day. Haha. It's how I found out that you posted here! :D
  4. That babysitter x father thing reminds me of this show i watched on Nick called The Nanny xD just from that, i can think of some funny stuff with that.~
  5. Oh, neat. Did you want to try it?
  6. Over PMs or on a thread?
  7. We can RP in a thread and plan VIA PM if you want
  8. perfect! I'll PM you!