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  1. Hey all!
    I used to be on this website a lot about 3 or 4 years ago, then there were drastic changes to my personal life and had to quit.
    I tried to return about about an year ago, but at that time the forums had changed and I couldn't understand how it worked.
    I checked it again and it all seems functional so I'll try to return now!

    So about me and my RP habits
    I am male, straight, married, 28 years old, just like to RP for fun and to fill my free time at work.
    I work at a tech support call centre, in between calls I have some time in which I am free to do as I please, this time is random depending on the volume of calls.
    That is the only time I'll be at this website RPing, so I need a couple regular RP partners that will be online more or less at same time that can have a quick action oriented RP going on, because it may take me a full day, or more to write a long paragraph.

    I work random 9 hour shifts from 8AM till 8PM, Europe/London hour
    I have 2 days off randomly

    Leave a message if you're interested in RP and if our schedules are compatible to have fun!
  2. I remember you :)

    Welcome back!
  3. Thanks, I remember you as well.
    I think we were in a group RP together even at a certain point.
    I had a couple personal issues and had to leave without warning anyone it was kinda crappy.
  4. Welcome back Hades! >:3
  5. Thank you!
    How are you doing Big D?
  6. Welcome back then, to this wonderfull place of Iwaku ^^

    Hope you get to join some lovely stories. And make sure you enjoy your stay :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.