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  1. I disappeared a little over a year ago due to some personal issues stemming from being in a bad place emotionally and mentally, but now I'm back and feeling pretty damn good! I've really missed roleplaying a lot so I'm pretty excited to be back.

    I'm gonna touch up a few things on my profile and then hopefully return to the world of RP shortly. UwU

    But since I'm pretty sure no one remembers me as I've only been a part of a couple RPs on here, here's some random stuff about me;
    • I'm horrible at talking to people. Conversation with me is really hard unless you carry it on or until I get to know you.
    • I'm really into Attack on Titan and DRAMAtical Murder at the moment and if you get me started on either of those topics I could probably talk about them for hours.
    • I'm home schooled and currently a Senior in high school. (I just turned 18 about a month ago.)
    • I am a lesbian with an exception for hot anime dudes.
    • I'm an artist and I draw constantly.
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  2. Welcome back. You don't know me as I joined recently, but you have my bids for a better time on Iwaku.
  3. Hello!

    I'm new since yesterday! =D hope to see you around on the forum!
  4. Lot's of returners recently. That's good! :) Welcome back to Iwaku and I hope you have fun engaging on some RPs here.