I have returned..

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  1. Hello. Some of you may remember me. I have been unable to participate in this community or any other due to personal issues that I am not in the position to explain. I would greatly appreciate it if you all would welcome me back.

    ------------ OverCast
  2. Oh I had the chance to work with you once or twice! Well in the forums anyways. Welcome back, is good that you have return.

    Loves, Doxa a.k.a Rina
  3. Welcome back OC : )
  4. Welcome back OverCast! ^^
  5. Hey! Good to see you again!
  6. Welcome back!
  7. Heya OC welcome back to the Rp's....your Avatar looks so familiar though I'm sure I havent seen it here.... Manga Tutorials?....naaaah....
  8. Actually, Ruikio, it is from the Anime "Beelzebub". You should watch it. Its hilarious
  9. *nod* will do! ^^
  10. That sounds like teenspeak for "I got grounded" XD

    ....I don't miss those days. >>;;;;