I have returned to the homeland...

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  1. I have returned from such a long time passed! Never has this place become a shadow of its former self to me...

    *grabs random member and smashes their face into the wall*

    I am or was known as Imperial Edgecrusher, Imp, Impedge!

    Now times have changed...

    You will call me.. Master... or Inane Nihilist... or just Imp as I still respond to that. =P


  4. Tyler Haak

    It was clear that whatever was happening out here was more out of their control than they even knew. This dark fire was spreading irrepressibly through the forest, damning all in its path. This wasn’t even a battle anymore, it was a slaughter. From Tyler’s point of view, it appeared that her team had already won. With Otto and Deanta on the front lines, burning everyone to a crisp, victory was surely in their grasp. But it was just… wrong. The two of them did not look right and the enveloping purple flames confirmed her thoughts about the origin of her own fire. Were they both so powerful that they were controlling her own flames as well?

    That was a bit unsettling to say the least. And even more eerie was the voice coming from the pair, or rather Otto, at this moment as he spoke – she was certain to her. Just like before, she could feel the draw, a small flicker longing to be absorbed into a mass of raging flames. Those two probably felt incredibly powerful right now. It was hard to imagine what it felt like, but she was already overwhelmed by the thought and was taking a step forward by the time Otto turned around to look her way.

    She’d advanced a few feet before her conscious mind caught up to her and she realized that the fiery beast in front of her was not quite the person she had come here with. That was not Otto, and Deanta looked almost as consumed. But like a moth to flame, she continued to wander forward without realizing that she was even moving, the walls surrounding her making it harder to witness the outside world that might bring her back to reality. But all she could think about was joining that collective power and adding to it. Her fire whipped about her frame, more erratic the closer she got to the pair and reaching out to touch the walls of red and purple around her.

    Was this feeling why she had subconsciously stayed away from using this part of her abilities before? Lord, it was intoxicating to be humming with this kind of uncontainable energy. Her hands practically shook from the buzz she got just from being near it. It felt like rage boiling beneath her skin – something she had never experienced to this degree. It felt like the ground could melt away under her feet. If it did, she couldn’t care a bit – not while dazed and hypnotized by this swirling mass of heat. The next fix would be to know what those two felt like combining that power and unleashing it.

    She reached Deanta and Otto a moment later, her mace dropped and forgotten in her path along with everything else, and nothing but the flames and screams to fill her mind.
    In the end… people love nothing more than to cause destruction. Perhaps I’m no different.
  5. Now Imp and I are ready to spread CHAOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    just like old times XD...or newer times since we always talk....um w/e
    STUFF LIKE THIS! *shoots random member*

    ...and how could I forget my fav multi-personality stricken soldier with C&C sigs?!
    Who ya shootin' at? >>

  7. I am oh so tempted to gun you down with that big bird up there for calling me Chaos.

    I remember you. I think you'll be happy to know Archetype has daughters now.
  8. If there's a Market District, wouldn't there be a Residential District? Especially if the UN city is literally just exactly based off of Crown City from FFXV?
  9. Insomnia meets a less shitty Titanfall's Angel City meets Mirror's Edge Catalyst's The City of Glass actually.

    Anyway, uh, the Market District is like, directly next to the UN Building, like, just outside of the complex so that UN workers can get food and stuff. It also has apartments and such in high buildings. It's based on Manhattan as well, so the UN Building is located near the city itself.
  10. So the aides and secretaries and all them live in apartments in the Market District. Who wants to live in the same apartment building as Mason and come up with a name for that building?
  11. akane never sleeps
  12. A very familiar face, I see...

    Mommy, can we play with him?


    We promise to clean up if we break him.

    *Carl sighs.*

    Buddy, Archetype's daughters are as follows...

    Sabotage, Pincushion, and Recoil.

    If you value your life you'll keep your distance from them.

    *Deimon curb stomps Imp Edge.*

    Next time you touch her like that I'll do my Sub Zero impersonation on you.
  13. Can Mason play a game of chess with Robin?
  14. Is he an opposing foil to Robin in an Oscar-Bait movie about the struggles of Multiversal affairs?

    Or the hallucination/spirit of a dead friend who he used to play chess with, there to provide help?
  15. *Whimpers*

    Impy...... please.... we need a person like you.... Please?
  16. Hmmmm... I'll think on it... using science! *dramatic pose with finger pointing up* ^^
  17. That's CRUSHER-kun ? With the ah-mazing hair ? :O
  19. Have you received a complimentary welcoming band performance?
    We have a barbershop quartet and everything.