I have recently found another spot in my roleplaying schedule...

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  1. ooo this looks interestiong
  2. Great! So, since I'm recovering from a bought of writer's block, I was wondering if it sparked any ideas? ^^'
  3. well the girl looks like she ready to kill a whole kingdom....so maybe we can set it in the mid evil era and its basically about your character trying to get revenge
  4. Yeah, I can see that. What would your character play in this, like is he (I'm using the term generally, I don't care either way) the one she's trying to get revenge on, but they meet eachother not knowing who the other really is, or is he a friend, helping her get said revenge, etc etc etc..?
  5. yeah yeah!
    do you want it to have mythical animals and all that? or just normal mid evil era?
    and i like the idea of them meeting up and joining forces.
  6. It could work either way~! ^^ And I am fine with doing the meeting up idea, too. ^^
  7. I got it!
    mine will be an ex spy that is looking to help bring down the kingdom he used to work for and it so happened that your character wants to get revenge on that kingdom too
  8. yeah~! So, any other questions, do you want to post character sheets, or do you want to just wing this thing? And, it can either be 1x1 or mature, I'm fine with either.
  9. wing it like a boss >:)
    and im not sure....mature i guess?
  10. Okay, then~! I will message you when I post it~!