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  1. Well, I'm quite glad I was referred here, because I already love this site. Its charming, and offers a lot of freedom that I haven't experienced in many other sites. A bit about me.

    LuluRS is actually a nickname in itself, because people tend not to like typing out the full Lucian Ravenscar. Two nicknames that I do answer to are Kylulu (there's a long story behind that name.) and Vuil. But you need to know the stories behind those names to use them :P So Lulu is fine.

    Hmm... If you really want to know my gender, you can go ask Jack Shade, cause I'll just keep you guessing. He knows. And he'd like the attention XD ...Don't tell him I said that. I am 19, so still young and kickin'.

    My favourite genres of role play? Well, I've had a lot of experience in romance... Who am I kidding? I wrote smut, not romance. But that wasn't my intention. Its hard to get interesting characters into a romance thread that can include smut if that's all your partner is worried about. Ahh, I'm going to end this train of thought before it becomes a rant. Genre's I like! Romance is a big one, because it's what I'm most comfortable in. Join a thread with me, and expect a lot of it. I also enjoy anything fantasy or sci fi based. Sci fi is wonderful~

    If I were to be honest about what kinds of characters I normally play, it would be men who like other men >_> That is not to say that I play effeminate men. They could be the manliest men in the world. They just happen to like other men. I have a problem playing female characters. I just can't do it. I get bored of the characters or I start to hate them. I can role-play with female characters no problem, but I just cannot play them. On something more specific, I enjoy cruel characters. Not really those that might be seen in a BDSM or the like, but one that would kill or main or torture without giving it a second thought. I guess that makes me an agressive person? I dunno, I think I'm pretty chill. Oh, one last thing on this before moving on. Naive characters annoy me. I mean, being innocent is fine, but when your character knows nothing, absolutely NOTHING, and has no sense of self preservation? It's annoying. >_> Ok, that's my little rant... Someone let me know if I'm being mean?

    Song? Oh. Gosh. Umm...

    What if it has no words? D:

    And... That is the last of the questions! If there's anything you want to know about me, go ahead and say hi~
  2. Hia there LULY! Welcome to the Community! We are all so loving and we are willing to help those in need! Please if you have any questions, do no hesitate on asking. An as for my name you can call me Raimy or Rina :3
  3. Hallo there, Lulu, person of dark secrets kept in the dark.
    I'm Selenite, currently on a rush- I welcome members with something sweet.

    I'll be stalking you.
    I like your introductory post.

    Have fun, and see you...
  4. Heya Lulu, welcome to the forums...I'm too lazy to make up a bad pun today... sorry
  5. Hi Lulu! Most call me kal. Or kama. Like one of these ---> , but any ways! Welcome to iwaku! It doesn't matter here what your characters are like or even like here! There is always a place for everyone!

    I'm sure that you will enjoy yourself here! I will extend an offer that has already been made. If you need help with something, or just find yourself bored, feel free to message me!

    Enjoy yourself!!
  6. Why hello there Lulu! Welcome, welcome to Iwaku! I'm Juku, sometimes Juju.
    Enjoy your stay here!
  7. Hi lulu! 8D Welcome to the community! You play my fav characters to play opposite to. Only... without the man loving part. I am always playing ladies. XD
  8. @Raimy,

    Hehe, I can tell ^_^ Thank you for the warm welcome. I'll be sure to poke around a bit before I ask anything, see if I can get my bearings, before asking a million questions. But thank you so much for the offer.


    Oh dear, I have a stalker offering me sweets? How lovely~ I'm sure I'll have lots of fun, which means I'll see you around ;)


    Aww, I suppose I'll hear your puns another time, than. Thank you for the welcome~


    I believe I shall call you Kama. I'll be working on some character's right away, ready to explore the numerous worlds. I'll be sure to hit you up with any questions that pop into my head.


    Its nice to meet you, Juku. I have no doubt that my time here will be plenty of fun.


    Ah, I think I saw you on cam last night.. er, two nights ago? o.o Do I really? That's encouraging ^_^ And my men loving men isn't all that I play. Might be fun to throw one of my older characters against you someday :P
  9. I thought that was a very interesting intro : )

    Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October! Hope to see you in some threads soon!
  10. @October,

    Why thank you, and I shall be. On my way to stalk through the sign ups~
  11. WELCOME TO IWAKU! I also enjoy songs with no words. <3
  12. Welcome to Iwaku, I too share the newbie thing. So again, welcome... and while everybody gives out cookies... nobody hands out
    bacon 640x427.jpg


    Or if you don't wanna, s'cool. I ain't pushy.
  14. @Iliana,

    Oh! I saw...er, heard you at the telethon as well! The songs without words are some of the best~


    Hello fellow newbie! ... OoO thank you for the gift of bacon. It shall be devoured for all its deliciousness.

    @Ongaku Junkie,

    What would it be like to share a brain with someone, I wonder? Either way, of course we can be friends! The maple leaf demands it! >:[

    ...But no, seriously, its all cool~ I love making friends.