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  1. So I have tried my best to try to figure out how to navigate this site, but I just end up getting lost...

    Anyone that can help me and explain a easy way to find my way around this site ? Because I'm about to give up
  2. I'm not entirely sure how to explain it but I'll try. The front page (or index as some call it) lists different types of roleplays by genre and are seperated by "group" and "One x One"; however, the genres take you to the OOC threads. The Group IC threads are listed underneath the group genres. At the top of the page you of the Iwaku Banner and underneath the banner you have Forum, Groups, Calender, Chats, Members, Characters, Roleplays, Blogs, Bookmarks, and Help.

    Both the banner and Forum will link you to the front page.

    The Groups were for roleplays using the group system but is no longer supported and no longer allows for creation of new groups

    The Calander shows events such as birthdays, up coming chat roleplays, anything Iwaku related that has been scheduled.

    The Chats is another way to roleplay via isntant messaging and are also seperated by genre.

    Members shows you stats of the current members such as likes, posts, followers, et cetera. You can also use this to view current Staff members.

    Roleplays... I have to admit, I'm not very familiar with this feature but I'll try. It appears to show who's the most active users and seperates roleplays into their categories.

    Now Blogs are nifty thing that allows you create blog enteries that you can use for literally anything as long as it abides forum rules and policy. You can make them public, private, and everything in between x) Awesome for creating roleplay drafts and testing BBCode, which you can also do in Iwaku's very own Test Chamber found under Archives, which is a forum for dead or finished roleplays :) Threads will be archived after four weeks of inactivity (I think).

    The Bookmarks are also a neat feature. Once a post is bookmarked, you'll be notified of any changes that occurs to that post. I personally use them to bookmark my partner's post as a reminder to reply.

    The help section is where you can find the FAQ, Smilies, BB Codes, Cookie Usage, Terms and Rules, Advertising on Iwaku, Contact Us, Roleplay 101, Staff of Iwaku, Privacy Policy, and Iwaku Zodiac Aspect :D

    Anything specific you need to know?
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  3. I'll be glad to help as best I can, although I don't know how helpful I'll be because I don't know how you are getting lost. :D

    Perhaps the most important thing is that, at any point, you can click the Iwaku banner at the top left of any page, and that will always bring you back to the main page.

    From there, everything is divided into forums and sub-forums. To access a sub-forum, you will have to navigate to it through the forum that will be listed on the main page. A sub-forum will always be listed at the top of the forum, in the same way all of the forums are listed on the main page.

    The main categories (which are on the cross-page banners on the main page) are Community, Content, Roleplay Search, Group Roleplay, One on One Roleplay, Universe Roleplay, Chat Roleplay, and Archives.

    Community: This holds all the forums and subforums that are related towards building the Iwaku community, getting questions answered, and generally chatting about anything non-roleplay related. Content: This holds all the forums that are related to becoming a better writer, and strengthening your roleplaying ability.
    Roleplay Search: This holds all the forums that will help you find a roleplay to join.
    Group Roleplay, One on One Roleplay, Universe Roleplay, Chat Roleplay: All of these links will navigate you to our handy-dandy new roleplay system, which you can also access from the very top of the page by clicking the "Roleplay" button. They are there for ease of access to a specific category of roleplay, while the "Roleplay" at the top of the page will take you to the global overview.
    Archive: This holds all content on this forum that is older than a month since last activity, and is used to keep the forum clean and organized. Nothing in there can be accessed, but it can be brought back out if someone needs it.

    Does this help at all? Do you have any specific questions I can answer?
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  4. Sure, I can try to help. The roleplay system can indeed be tricky to navigate, so I'll explain things as best I can to help you out.

    There are a couple places to go looking for roleplays to join depending on what you're after, most of them listed under the Roleplay Search header on the front page of the site. The Interest Checking & Creation area is where people looking to make group roleplays (groups being anything with 3 or more people involved) go post ideas to see if people are interested or to collaboratively create a roleplay with others; you can look through existing threads here to find a group roleplay to join in its early stages, or you can post your own interest checking thread for your own roleplay if you so desire. Group Roleplay Advertising is similar, but it's meant for roleplays that are already running and looking for more members, so you can find older roleplays here to join if you don't mind hopping in after potentially lots of things have happened in the roleplay already. Seeking Group Invites is a place to post threads to more passively look for group roleplays to join, where you say what sort of roleplay you're looking for and hope someone comes along to tell you that they're making one or already have one that fits what you want. Seeking One On One Partners is where all the interest checking and advertising for one on one roleplays happens. You can cruise the existing threads to find something interesting, or you can make you own thread with lists of plots or pairings or whatever you're looking for. Note that if you're looking to join or make a roleplay with adult content you should be using the Libertine subforum of the above listed sections, because looking for that sort of thing elsewhere can get you in trouble (which you hopefully already knew after reading the site rules, but reminders never hurt).

    Alternatively, you can go look through all the various roleplay genre sections to find existing group roleplays to join (this method is silly for one on one things because all you'll see is roleplays where there are already two players, so sticking to the seeking area for those is your best bet). The way roleplays are laid out can be confusing, so I'll give you a brief overview of them. When you enter one of the genre sections of the group or one on one roleplaying areas you'll see a bunch of roleplays listed with some basic information, and off to the left of that list (or below if it you're using a device with a small screen) there is a box that lists the different categories and makes for quicker navigation through the genres. When you click on a roleplay to check out you should be taken to its Overview page, which should ideally give you an overview of the roleplay as the name suggests. Under the roleplay's title and icon (the default is a grey and white image of gears, so if you see that it means the creator did not add an icon of their own choosing) you should see some tabs. There might be tabs named Rules and Cast List, but there might not be; these are optional tabs that the roleplay creator has to put information in before they will be visible, and they ought to contain just what it sounds like. There will always be a tab named Thread, and that's where things get a little tricky because Group and One on One roleplays are laid out differently from one another. When a One on One roleplay Overview is created there is also an in character thread created that is attached to it; the Thread tab for 1x1 roleplays will always be meant for doing the actual in character roleplay stuff, and if a thread for out of character talk is wanted that has to be created separately and can be linked to the Overview but will not create a new tab (though hopefully some day we'll find a way to make this possible). When a Group roleplay Overview is created the Thread tab will be an out of character thread, so the in character thread has to be made separately and linked to the Overview. Extra threads linked to Overviews should show up as buttons to the right of the screen if you're using a normal computer, or I believe they're right at the top of the page if you're on a phone or something.

    Holy crap that was a lot of stuff. It's a sort of complicated system, but after you fumble your way through things a couple times it starts to make sense. Let me know if that didn't cover what you were confused about and I'll try to cover that too, probably also in excruciating detail because that's kind of my style.
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  5. Thank you to everyone who answered :)
  6. I am amused by the fact, however, that the best response to "How do I navigate the site?" is several text walls. :o
  7. Yeah, it points to a very easy and simple to use system XD
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