I have Iwaku Fever ... do you?



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Ever since my epic fantasy RP Anarchy has taken off it's all I ever think about, as well as other RPs that I'm afraid I may be neglecting :(

I've compiled a Top 5 list of things that mean you probably share my condition!

1. Do you dream of spirits called Iwaku that inspire you in the middle of the night?
Does Iwaku come to you, in the form of a shining goddess, embracing you and filling you with divine inspiration? Does She jolt you awake in the middle of the night and turn into that tiny annoying voice in your head saying must post must post must post must at least check for posts

2. Do you dream of posting in Iwaku? Is the line between dream and reality beginning to blur?
I just recently found out that in my RP Anarchy I misspelled Sakura's name in the first official dice roll. I called her Saruka. I haven't gotten to changing it and last night I dreamed she posted on my profile in a rage and weeping about it. I woke up certain that this event had happened and I spent 20 minutes looking for it until I realized it had never happened. IT WAS A REALISTIC DREAM, OK?!!

3. Do you mix up Iwakuan players with people you know in real life?
I keep calling my friend Faith the name Church instead. She looks like Church's pic, with the long black hair and pale skin, because she's Asian, and she's nice and helpful and Christian. I know Church doesn't have that username because she's Christian, but the name is reminiscent. Somehow there's a correlation between them in my head to the point where I think Faith is posting as Church. This came to a head this morning when I thanked Faith for doing my characters' dice roll for me. That was one awkward conversation.

4. Do you feel strange writing in Word?
Whenever I write in a Word document, I'm constantly thinking the background should be black and the font Verdana. Lacking dotted and spoiler options is suddenly eerie. I forget that I'm the only one currently reading it, and the location of the "save" button is nearer to the top...

5. Do you incessantly talk about Iwaku to your friends & family?
I end up having these conversations – "Omigod Luke, the funniest thing happened on Iwaku today, I was reading over new posts in my OOC RPG and Asmodeus wrote my name all funny, like Abracadabrabdasbrab because you know it's like hard to type that and I was like LOL and it was hilarious so I replied You can just call me Abra … isn't that the funniest thing ever?" Luke hasn't called me back in days.

Oh God please tell me I'm not alone.

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I dream, a LOT, about being in the cbox and posting on the site. It's strange to think of the people I know and spend SO much time with in the form of words and colors, but that's just how it is. Over the time I've been here, which isn't really THAT long, I think I've made some of the best friends that I'll ever have. The people on Iwaku know me better than 98% of the people I know in real life. That being said, I don't talk about Iwaku to people I know in real life, only because they wouldn't understand my obsession, and have no inclination towards writing or roleplay.

You're not alone.


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Ahaha, I am infiltrating into your life. Beware!
Anyways, you just wish Faith was as wonderful as me. (But I do feel loved by that, is that odd? :) )

I believe I am beginning to develop Iwaku fever, but no shining Goddess has appeared to me yet.


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I just joined Iwaku, so I can't say I show any symptoms of Iwaku fever at present... However I do have the irresistible urge to open up Iwaku every time I am near a computer XD... So I believe I may have early onset of Iwaku fever ^.^

FYI, great post! It was really enjoyable to read!:heart:


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Hahahahaha! I let the Sarkua mistake slide because I thought you probably made it in excitement, haha!

& I suppose I have Iwaku fever. I've been diagnosed for almost five years! The only way to counter it is to keep coming back and posting ,D

My friends never call back after that, either. -.-
I stopped discussing Iwaku after the first couple of mistakes xD

My roommate is nice enough to listen to me rant about random daily inspirations, but she doesn't comment, so yeah.