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  1. i have an idea for a ropeplay (fairy tale fantasy )
    its about a fairy called avril who has just been appointed leader of a scouting army to search "The willows" all who have entered so far have never come out but she is determined to do this and find the lair of the fairies arch nemesis "Mordecai" but its been 3 weeks in he willows and half her scouts are dead and they are running out of food. others are showing signs of insomnia and others have been posessed by the spirits who once searched here.

    comments or more ideas to add? ^^
  2. oh and these arnt normal fairies they perform dark arts and only some can shrink most are human sized with white skin and most common hair colour is black but the elders have white hair

    i was also thinking of making this into a series of rps if ennough people join ^^
  3. black/blue hair
  4. Cool idea. I like how they are human sized and can perform dark arts.
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  5. thanks i like the idea and wanted to write a book abut it but i think ill start with an rp :)
  6. If you are making this a rp i would love to join as i really like the idea.
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  7. brilliant i will make the rp then
  8. Quick question what type of rp would it be? (group,one[x]one)
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  9. ahh well i just made it right there which are you more comfortable with? i dont mind ^^
  10. the rp is under fantasy by the way
  11. yeah i got it and wrote my character