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  1. I am very new here, and I am looking for someone to roleplay with. I have decent spelling and grammar and can post at least once a day; I would prefer the same in my partner. I am flexible about post length, but if left to my own devices, I will generally post at least a few paragraphs.

    And now for the idea.

    A scientist (female, I imagine) would travel somewhere far away from civilization to explore a ruin; she may be an archaeologist interested in the ruin itself, or a biologist interested in the wildlife and the ruin just happens to be there. In any case, she enters the ruin and finds a creature (whom I also imagine female, or at least feminine, if the species in question doesn't have two distinct sexes) who has been sleeping, hibernating or otherwise "preserved" for centuries. (If you prefer, the ruin can be a half-buried spaceship and the sleeping creature extraterrestrial in nature. I also have other ideas for the nature of the creature, and have imagined many kinds of creatures suitable for the purpose.)
    She somehow causes this creature to awaken, and soon afterwards the ruin collapses on them, leaving them to get along as best they can, kill each other or fight themselves out together. And if they do get out, what will become of them? I can see a lot of different directions this can go in (maybe even several at once if I have such extraordinary luck that several people want to play this with me).

    Any takers? I would prefer to have the role of the awakened creature, if that's all the same for you.
  2. I am interested in being your scientist! Definitely F, though I'm undecided on her field and the direction of their relationship. I'm willing to wing it but need a minute to flesh out MC. Feel free to further some of your thoughts till then.
  3. Wonderful, thank you.
    Do you want me to tell you about my awakened creature ideas so you can pick the one you like best, or do you want me to decide in secret and have your character just find her and be sufficiently surprised?
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  4. I would love to be the scientist! Female, definitely. Just as a warning, I try to make my responses as long as I can, but I may not always match your length. I never do one-liners if i can avoid them. I'm open to anything, and I'm not exactly sure what I would want the relationship to be. If you have a preference, Ill go with that.
  5. I think that will work out in the course of the story. :) Let me message you.