I have an idea I'd like to explore with someone. (Fantasy)

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  1. Heyo!

    I have an idea I came up with yesterday kind of on the spot and that partner and I decided to go a different route with it but I'm still interested in exploring this initial idea further.

    Here's the pitch:

    Cross between Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Sky (Studio Ghibli Films) for the world format. So pseudo late 1800's early 1900's but with magic, witches, demons. Light hearted on the outside but with kind of a darker actual plot. With floating islands that act as their own city states. On the islands the people are blissfully unaware that there is anything below them. Thinking that if you happen to fall, you'll fall into unending waters (or something of the sort, an abyss maybe? Hell?? Just tweaks we could work with). Islands do shift and move and run into other islands which creates either war or an alliance. With their limited technology they can shift the position of the islands and that's pretty much all. On the ground they realize that there are floating islands but don't think that anyone lives on them. That they're just wild, wilderness. The ground has yet to come up with a technology to fly them high enough to get to the islands (although it is being worked on).

    So the plot is that character 1 (C1) is from the islands. They have an arranged marriage and are the prince/princess. It's to form an alliance between them and another island. But before the wedding can take place an accident occurs and C1 falls off the island. (Clumsy, right?) Well character 2 (C2) manages to save them. Maybe magic, maybe their a demon, it's really up to whoever plays them. C2 is on the run, probably an outlaw of some sort from witches and there's war on the ground and C2 heard a rumor about some old monk in the mountains with a flying machine that could get C1 back before the wedding and save their home from war. C1 has this obligation complex to go through with the wedding. Possibility for C1 and C2 to have some love bloom on the journey. Who knows?

    I'm open to playing either C1 or C2. I'm open to MXF and MXM pairings. (I only play male characters, it's a long story.)

    Obviously it can be tweaked and changed to fit our needs.

    If you have interest either message me personally or reply on here.

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  2. This idea is fairly outside the box and seems fun to work on with you. But I have a question; What are you're posting expectations?
  3. My expectations are a minimum of two decent length paragraphs and noticeable effort in your writing. Beyond that I'm pretty chill. In regards to frequency, once every week or two is all I require. If it's going to be longer than that then just a notice before would be great. And I'm willing to work with anyone who can't meet those expectations.
  4. I like those expectations. I'm roughly the same though I generally work toward three paragraphs minimum myself every post (granted that they only come out once or twice a week). If you'd like to PM me some more details I would like to work with you on this
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