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  1. Hey.

    I'm new. I mean, I'm not new to roleplay (I doubt I'll ever be), but I'm new to Iwaku. I've tried to join sites like this, but it's hard, but...now...I think I'm ready.

    Yup, I'm ready to join in different worlds all at once. Hellz yeah. I added a 'z' for extra awesome. Go me.


    • I like to talk about food and boys.
    • I am Beyoncé's doppelganger (obviously)
    • I want to be an artist and a comedienne, one day.
    • I need a job. Hire me.
    • I am 21.
    • I am girl
    • I am black girl.
    • I like the anny-mays and the vidya-games and the kart-toons. According to my extremely southern grandmother.
    • i lyke 2 reed
    • I have a sense of humor and yes, I am aware of how those last few sentences made no sense. Uh...duh?
    • Please play with me. Please play with me. Please play with me.
    • Please play with me?
  2. I like you already.

    Welcome to Iwaku, the most bad ass RP on the nets.
  3. ....And you have a food lover's group.

    Yes, this is the beginning of a byooootiful, friendship.
  4. Hi there new lady that is probably the real Beyonce and just pretending to be a random stranger! :D Welcome to the site!
  5. Food's good. Very good. Especially good food. :..D