I Have a Plot {FxF or MxM, seeking dominant}

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  1. I'm new here, and I came up with this rather random idea I'd love to try. This will be plot focused, but there's allowance for plenty of sexy scenes. I prefer to keep replies to a few small paragraphs or one decently sized paragraph.​

    Dream Partner

    FxF or MxM

    Modern Fantasy | Romance | Adventure | Drama

    A young, openly gay homeless person has always considered themselves to be different. After coming out, they weren't satisfied that was the difference they felt. Their family had never really accepted them, and their coming out crossed some sort of line. Ever since their untimely eviction, they've been living on and off the streets, crashing at friends' places in between. Keeping a proper job has proved to be impossible for them, so they rely on various odd jobs, begging and soup kitchens to keep from starving. One desperate night, they decide they can't save themselves. They need someone to escape reality with, and they dream up the perfect person to focus on. It's someone kind, loyal, gorgeous and successful. It's someone who would be with them to the end. They drift into unconscious with that imaginary person on their mind. When they wake up, they're not alone.

    I will be playing the creator.
    My partner would play the "imaginary friend".​
  2. I would be up for it. :) want me to PM you?
  3. Would you prefer this be FxF or MxM? Yes, please PM me.
  4. FxF, please. :)
Thread Status:
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