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  1. This is Lady Godiva!

    Currently writing my thesis in a mixture of excitement and constant self doubt Collaborative writing is one of my beloved hobbies, so shall repeat what some of you already know.

    The basics

    • Writing well is not measured just by a word count. If you can express human emotions and develop a character with 15 lines per post or 10, be my guest.
    • I love realism, even in Fantasy settings. Cliché, sugar coated situations tend to bore me.
    • I like brainstorming so much. Sometimes it takes me days of rambling! Changing the story is by no means a no no.
    • Tell me if you do not like a story! I never, ever mind. Promise.
    • MXF is what I do, playing both men and women. Right now however, I am more interested in playing a lady.
    • Please be over 18. I do not go into detail, but mature situations will arise.

    What I love

    • Realistic, human, faulted characters. No perfection please!
    • Creativity and willingness to discuss.
    • Historical settings with some degree of freedom.
    • Modern settings with a plethora of themes.
    • Fantasy, leaning less towards the high end of the spectre.
    • Relationships, struggles, politics, grey morals, all the good stuff.
    • Fandom is something I only do with GoT and the Knick.

    Thanks for reading all this! Do not hesitate to drop me a line with your own ideas.
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  2. I was interested of doing maybe a Victorian age love story. With a side of fantasy.
    I was hoping to play a very well-mannered male vampire.

    Tell me if you are at all interested! ^-^
  3. Two more spots are open!
  4. Two spots remain open!
  5. One open spot!
  6. [BCOLOR=#2e2c2c]Craving a particular A Song of Ice and Fire pairing.

    Willam x Barbrey Dustin, pretty please![/BCOLOR]
  7. Two open places!
  8. I can do this :) If i'm allowed pm me
  9. I am thinking an Alt 1950's where Germany had conquered the Soviet union following a break out from Kursk. So, Britain is on the verge of collapse and the united states has fallen into Isolationism. It will of course have historical themes but the history moving forward is very open to being changed. If interested please PM me.
  10. One open spot!
  11. Back. One available spot!
  12. Still looking!
  13. Craving GoT pretty badly!
  14. Life happened! Still looking!
  15. Do you play futa also?
  16. Still looking!
  17. Craving ASOAF very badlly!
  18. Still looking!
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