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  1. So a while ago I bought a bag of chocolates to snack from while I game. Well it turns out that my pig sty of a room with the new addition of chocolates just attracted the unwanted presence of a little rodent. The little shit has been here for at least the past three or four days. I didn't notice it until the other night when it actually woke me up at 3 am. Apparently he likes my bag of chocolates. Today was the first day I actually SAW the fucker, and it's pretty damn cute. I don't want to get a trap that'll kill it. I've never had a mouse in my room before so I don't really know what to do. This isn't the first time I've had critters come into my room. A while back I used to have an ant problem because of all the soda cans I leave sitting around. In most cases stuff like this wouldn't be a problem. It's just that all three windows in my room are rotted all the way through so the best I could do was bug spray the hell out of that shit and duck tape all the cracks. This tiny creature though isn't a bug that can fit through a bug sized crack in my window. I have NO idea where the little shit came from, so I can't patch the "mouse hole" if there even is one. I've already tried catching the fucker for the past hour and the thing is quick! I have seen it dart in one direction, and I'd go look in said direction only to find that it disappeared on me. Should I toss the bag of chocolates and see if that'll force the mouse to move on? Should I get a humane trap and hope that it works? SOMEONE HALP.
  2. Well, you could always try cleaning up and finding where it's getting it. :P

    If you've got a bit of money to blow on buying a trap, they do make no-kill mouse traps. I know I've seen single use ones for like $5 at Home Depot, and you could probably also find them at somewhere like Walmart. You can trap the sucker, take it far away from your house, and set it free.

    Alternatively, if you don't want to spend the money, you can find some do it yourself no-kill mouse trap setups online. This page has 5 of them, and the last one is super simple. 5 Clever Ways to Make a Simple No-Kill Trap for Mice & Rats « MacGyverisms
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  3. Get a no-kill trap and until you know the little fucker is gone, be sure to sanitize dishes before you eat off them etc. You'd be surprised the places those little assholes can squeeze into
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  4. Just keep in mind that rodents attract other rodents, and then they can breed, and then you suddenly have 5-6 rodents. They shit everywhere, eat through cardboard, brown bags, soft plastic.

    The mouse might be cute but it's not sanitary at all, I would definitely advise you to clean all of your room and find out where it is coming from. Once there is one in, it doesn't take time for another to be there, even after you catch it to kill it or release it somewhere else. At my last place, we found out in the same weeks that our neighbours had bedbugs, and our cats caught 2-3 mice in a few days...
  5. More like 30-40 in a few weeks and if they're not gone by the time it's winter... Well, better find a new apartment because yours is theirs now. Those fuckers learn, you see. If you catch 1 or 2, all the others will know how to avoid the same trick for life and it becomes increasingly difficult to get rid of your mice up to the point your only option is to hire someone to commit mass murder for you.

    So basically the advice, which has already been given to you; clean your room, store your food away (preferably sealed) and deliberately leave some food out where you place the trap. Once you caught it, don't release it near where you live but drive a couple miles because in familiar territory they'll find their way back to you (and know how to avoid that same trap in the future.)
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  6. Yeah I feel for you. We live next to a giant feild so we get tons of mice. In our situation we use the old school spring loaded kill traps but that's because if we didn't we'd never be rid of them. They are nasty little assholes. Everyone is right though. They will multiply faster than you can believe. Keep the food sealed and you should be good as far as keeping them out.
  7. I hunt them down and eat them.

    Or call pest control.
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