I Hate You, I Love You

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  1. Name: Annabelle 'Anna' Scott
    Age: 17
    Personality: Shy, Artistic, Quick-Tempered, Impatient, Bookish.
    Bio: She's always been the girl that stuck to the shadows, keeping away from anyone who would dare to hurt her. Her mother was a well known mogul and her father was a deadbeat. Keyword: Was. They are no more, both running off the path and getting involved with drugs. Now she lives with her Aunt in Miami, Florida and is finding it much harder to stick to herself.
    -------------------------------------------------------♥ ♥ ♥ ♥---------------------------------------------------
    "Anna Banana" Her aunt called to her from the kitchen, a small little room painted in the brightest of yellows. A kind middle-aged woman peeked out from the archway, kind blue eyes meeting up with her own.
    "Oh hey Aunt Dee." She called back, her backpack falling to the floor beside her and her converse sneakers quickly following. "I'm headed upstairs to play my game! Tell me if you need me!" She finishes, and then hurries up the stairs and too her room. It was not so shabby, a bedspread decorated with stars, posters of video games and bands taped to her walls, and a dim light to make the room as bright as it could possibly be. Flopping down into her swivel chair, she spun around for a moment before quickly logging on to her account. Though it seemed to take hours for the loading screen to finish and for the game to actually come into play.
    'World Of Warcraft' Was one of her favorite things to play, always having something exciting for her to do or someone exciting for her to meet. She was allowed to be fun and carefree online, where the people behind the screen knew little about her. Other then the fact that she was top of her ranking levels, and enjoyed chatting with almost anyone no matter who they were. The familar name that popped onto the screen however, made her smile. Quickly she sent him a 'Hello! :P'
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  2. Seth McCarthy
    18 years old
    Short Fussed | Fun Doing | Athletic | Gamer

    Eignteen year old Seth sprinted up his cracking stairs. His older sister complaining downstair about him being impolite, but he didn't care and just laughed at her getting angry -again- . Seth slammed his door shut before storming in his shower. After a rough training in basket ball, he deserved a nice warm shower to ease his muscle up. You see, Seth is a very tall guy with great potential. He was asked to join many high school teams, but due to his family, he chose the local one despite it not being the best for athletes. It didn't matter to him, he always ended up winning the tournaments for them. All he really cared was for a scholarship. He knew that the next championship is his only chance. Therefore, he swore to himself to never miss a training or slack off in them.

    Also, it helped not feeling guilty when he got home and procrastinated to do his homework and play at World of Warcraft instead. Typing his lame username and easy password like 1-2-3, he finally got in this carefree world where he could be anything he wanted. Which is himself. So, first thing first, he looked at his friend list. He started liking this girl he met just a few week ago. They would often party up and clear hard dungeons. They had a pretty good teamwork.

    With no hesitation, he clicked on their convo box. To his great surprise, she inboxed him first. He smiled before reply almost rapidly. Once it was sent, he actually wondered who she might be. He knew that she was a girl even if he never asked, it kind of showed how she wrote or sometimes when she talked about girl stuff. She was in high school like him, but had no idea which one. Also, both lived in the same state. That was about it in the general info.

    To Ana- Oh hey! :D How are you ?