I Hate the Fact I Love You

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  1. Euterpe walked out of her cave, yawning. It was around seven in the morning in the forest and most of the other pack members were sleeping. Walking to the edge of the camp, she smiled at the guard, who nodded back. The guard, named Alec, knew about Euterpe's early morning explorations, and said nothing.

    "Morning, Alec! Anything interesting?" She asked, reaching behind a rock and grabbing the halberd behind it. She twirled it to remove all the dew off the spear-like weapon. Alec only shook his head and smiled some. "Aw, well, alright then. I'm off!" She called, running into the forest. Euterpe wasn't hunt or gathering at all. She was looking for vampires.

    Euterpe was intrigued by these human-like creatures. They were the werewolf's natural enemies but they were so alike. Both creatures of the night, that live on other animals with highly interesting weaknesses. Euterpe still doesn't understand why one race hated the other so much. Shrugging, she continued through the forest to where the vampires roam.​
  2. On guard, Violet perched in the big elm tree, looking for any signs of humans or vampires. Both could be an endangerment to the clan. She was not going to mention in her report that she got distracted many times, looking at a particular nighttime creature or plant. In the winter's morning, it was still quite dark, and Violet still had at least another hour before she had to head in.

    Dagger in hand, she yawned, ready to go to sleep when her shift was over. The air had a nip to it, snow still on the ground, and it would have been uncomfortable for any human if they were dressed like she was. Violet was in a plain black shirt and too-big pants, with no shoes, allowing her to move faster. She had sewn them by herself, not liking anything that wasn't made by her hands.

    Hearing footsteps approaching, Violet tenses, hoping it's just an animal, not wanting to have to kill anyone. She moves to the edge of the branch, its pine needles camouflaging her. Seeing a werewolf run into the clearing she was watching, Violet leapt just behind her, reaching around and going into a position where she could slit her throat if necessary.
  3. Euterpe scented a vampire but it was too late. She already had the dagger at her throat. Her nose twitched and her tail curled under her legs a bit. She kept the tip of the spear pointed at the ground, not wanting to start something she couldn't finish. Eyes darting around, she tried to get a feel for who was behind her.

    Her attacker was female and a vampire but that was all she could gather. Brushing her tail against the body behind her, she still could only gather it was a clothed female vampire. Sighing, she tugged on her belt, which was starting to ride low on her hips, before asking, "Hello there. Am I invading someone's territory?"