I Hate the Fact I Love You

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  1. Vampires and Werewolves are suppose to hate each other, right? After one meeting, one werewolf isn't so sure anymore. Maybe there is hope afterall
    Werewolf: (played by me) Euterpe Katsaros
    Vampire: (played by PianoRage)
    *Her ears are still in pup form cause she's the runt*
    Name: Euterpe Katsaros
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Werewolf
    Personality: Bright and cheerful, Euterpe, or Kat, is a big ball of happiness. Highly curious, she is very much like her nickname, which, as a self-respecting wolf, she hates. When angered, she is a force to be reckoned with, causing serious damage to all around her. Though it takes a lot to anger her.
    History: Born from her pack's Beta's, she was treated well. As the runt of her litter, though she has always been small, which causes her father to dote on her. She always heard about how bad vampires were but never believed it. She's liked girls for a while and her parents see nothing wrong with it, instead telling her to embrace it.​
  2. Name: Violet Gray
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Artistic, thoughtful Violet loves anything created by hand, like music. She is rebellious by nature, always starting arguments and generally getting into trouble. She has a fierce temper, but tries to keep it down, and does so most of the time. When it does come out, she doesn't care who she hurts or what she does.
    History: Brought up by some of the most noble of the Toreador clan, Violet shares all of its traits, such as being overcome by awe for anything from paintings to neon signs. She grew up as a normal vampire, undergoing her Awakening at the proper age of seventeen. Soon, she proved herself to be strong in body and mind, but has a weakness for the sunrise, and sometimes has to be pulled away before she essentially dies from exposure. She found out that she liked girls when she was young, and trying to get her Barbies to marry, to her parents' mortification. Now, they've mostly accepted it, but want to keep it a secret from the clan's leaders for now.
    Appearance: Violet has eyes that could only be described as peach colored, at the peak of ripeness. She has waist-length hair that is the color of ash. her slim build was never popular with any guys from her clan, but more so in the women, although she has never dated any of them. She wears mostly black and grey, but sometimes wears bright red dresses that accentuates her good parts and hides the bad.
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