I Hate Tax Season

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  1. But I love my tax returns.

    Your guys' thoughts on this? And obviously, I imagine the world of accounting is very different from country to country.

    Is it was mind numbing in other parts of the world?

  2. Doing our taxes is pretty easy. O___O We don't have to do a lot of crazy shit unless my brothers gets a ton of weird medical forms.
  3. I have an aunt that does taxes as a job, so I get a family freebie and just send my info off to her and she does the things and I get a refund in the mail later. Tax season is all good times for me.

    Also, she makes bank doing the tax thing since she gets a percentage of refunds as part of the deal. She works from January 1st to April 15th and comes away with well over $100,000 on good years, and then she just uses her money wisely and doesn't work for the rest of the year unless she needs to do something to renew a license or certification or whatever. Pretty sweet gig, I'd say.
  4. Ha! No income means no taxes!

    Ha! Ha-ha...ha...

    No income. Now I'm sad. :(
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  5. Doing taxes here is super easy o.o
    You just look at your income, see that it fits with te decleration sent yoru way, go on the internet, confirms, done o.o
  6. 10 minutes and my taxes are done.
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  7. Herp derp. What are taxes?

    Haha I kid.
  8. It's like getting free money once a year.

    Yes I know it's taken from my checks. It's still nice.
  10. It helps if you quit using your fingers.

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  11. This. ;_; #studentlyfe
  12. Probably because you make actual money.
  13. 1040EZ, gais. C'mon now.

    Also, if you're getting massive tax returns, you might want to look at how much you're actually giving per month. $10k+ on a return is not a good thing. It's better off put somewhere to accrue some interest over the annual year. 5% interest on that $10,000 is $500 you didn't have before, and is a lot better than nothing.

    Thing is, you also gotta be responsible enough to not spend $10,000 worth of monies, so I suppose it's better to have Big Brother hold it for you (without giving you the added benefit of aforementioned interest).
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  14. The beauties of staying at home, no taxes yet. :3
  15. Where I come from, the government sorts out the taxes themselves.
  16. Taxes are easy. I do them at home and then the government sends me cheques.

    It's pretty neat.
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