I hate myself for being here

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  1. I, a member of "The Guild" a long time rival of Iwaku, once swore that I would never come here and when "The Guild" was having it struggles I chastised people for betraying us by coming here. But I feel I have little choice, most RPs are dying and even if they arent they are still a regurgitation of the same old ideas. So I have come here in the most likely naive hope that it is different here. But im not holding my breath

    (I will admit however you do have alot of features Mahz should implement)

    So let me introduce myself, on "The Guild" im known as Vortex however someone here has already taken that name so I had to use a different one, although I must ask who would take a shitty name like Vortex? Here I will be known as Chairman Kaga, if you recognise the name then no doubt we will be fast friends.

    Forgive me if I dont warm up to you or your community anytime soon as I really did mean it when I was criticising people for leaving and I really do hate myself for doing this, hence the title.

    I will see you soon.

    - Vortex
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Vortex! Perhaps you'll see some friendly faces here! Besides that, I hope you have a wonderful time here! :)
  3. What a fine display of self-loathing. You'll fit right in.
  4. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, although I must stress that the Guild is not dead. Its just really shit.
  5. Im not entirely sure if I want to
  6. I hated Iwaku before it was cool.
  7. Wow I can tell you really like to live on the edge dont you?
  8. 3edgy5u
  9. Your swag is too much, cant even handle it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.