I hate my skin

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  1. There's an issue I have with my skin that I've had since I was a pre-teen :(

    Whenever I take a shower or bath, apparently my skin must be very dirty because it tends to shed and get everywhere which makes drying off a pain in the ass.

    I do take long showers and shower pretty often but it's because to get said dirt and dead skin off of me, I have to scrub and scrub to the point where my hands cramp (especially if I wash my back) and my body hurts.

    Is there something wrong with my skin? Apparently my dad had the same issue so it's no surprise to my family members (the few I have left anyways).
  2. You could potentially have eczema, or a number of other skin conditions. Are you able to see a dermatologist? They'll be able to help you more than we can.
  3. ... This did not go the direction the title made me think it would. XD

    Though it sounds like your skin might just be lacking proper moisture.
    Not sure if it's the same thing cause I never had this myself, but this sounds similar to my family members constantly getting very dry/irritable skin and them needing some lotion to fix it.

    So maybe finding a lotion to use on yourself would fix it?
  4. Do you exfoliate properly, with a tool or abrasive soaps?
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  5. I mainly use body wash and a face towel. For my back, I use a brush
  6. So you're already using tools to tackle this?

    In that case I'd see a Doctor.
  7. Try actual exfoliating body wash or an exfoliating scrunchy or loofa. It should get rid of layers of dead skin and drying skin, which lets you moisturize after with your lotion of choice.
  8. I have the same issue and it's usually a sign that the skin is really dry. It might be caused by something different in your case, but try a lotion that works for you and see if that helps
  9. You could also try a sugar scrub.
    1 part coconut oil to 2 parts sugar (or salt)

    The granules should help scrub off the dead skin while the oil will help keep you from drying out which might be part of the problem.
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  10. This is basically an exfoliating soap, but yeah, this is the home made solution and it will work wonders. It's the coconut oil that's the magic here. It's one of the most amazing things we've discovered for bodily health. The salt/sugar part is to add an abrasive to break up the layers of dead or dying skin cells. It's going to hurt, and you're going to be bright pink after, but all of that is fresh, baby-soft skin.

    MOISTURIZE ONCE YOU'ER OUT OF THE SHOWER! Dry off, of course, then lather up. Leave no stone unturned, as it were.
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  11. Drink more water and use the tools Seiji mentioned above. I know it sounds silly but drink water, water, water, WATER. Like you should feel like you're drowning you're drinking so much.
  12. Dirtiness doesn't make your skin peel like that, dryness does. o.o

    I recommend moisturizing, especially after showering -- and especially if you take long showers, as I'm fairly certain they can really dry out your skin (not that I'm judging you or anything -- I take really long showers too XD ). But yeah, just remembering to rub some lotion on yourself after showering can make quite the difference! o3o

    That's what I'd start with, anyway. If the problem keeps up then I'd see a doctor about it. It could be a sign of a more serious skin condition, especially if it seems to be genetic.

    But eh, I'd start with the simpler solution first. It's entirely possible you just need some moisturizing.

    Edit: Also, yeah, drinking water and staying hydrated can help with this sort of thing, too.
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