I hate cafes like this...

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  1. Van Cedric glances up as a customer walks in. Since it was late, the host had left a while ago, but Van Cedric had decided to stay. When the bell rang, Van Cedric was ready.

    "Welcome to the Cafe' Du Pain! You're late and will be treated with contempt!"
    The man, decidedly disgruntled, said, "What?! I'm so sorry." When Van Cedric sat the man down, the man looked at him and said, "Wow, you're mean."
    "Today's menu includes canned lamb, dried crackers, Bavarian beer, cheese soup, and jello. No repeating, you will remember what I said."
    Yes, sir." the timid man replied.
    Soon, the meal was brought out, and when the man started eating, Van Cedric pulled out a stop watch and said, "You've only got fifteen minutes to eat. If you can't finish eating within the time limit, I will kill you." The man made choking sounds for a second.
    "That's fair." After he was done, the man stood up and said, "Thanks for the food." As he moves to leave, Van Cedric stops him by placing a hand on his shoulder.
    Now, more calm, her said, "Our time together has been very special. Be sure to lock your doors at night." Then he looks deeply into the eyes of the man.
    "No problem," he says shakily, and takes his leave.
    "Another job well done, Van Cedric, my man." he says to himself, smiling.
  2. Not long after the customer had left, Aaron opened the door and stepped inside. When he saw Van Cedric he paused a moment, glancing back over his shoulder at the door. "You know, when I was walking in I was asking myself, 'Self, why does that man outside the cafe look like he's about to wet himself?'" He smirked a bit before continuing, leaning on the counter. "Then I saw that you were working today. I'm glad you're here to answer my silly questions, Ced." he remarked with a playful grin. He stepped behind the counter and put the last part of his uniform on, his apron.
    "So, aside from harassing the customers, what have you been up to today?" he asked, leaning forward on the counter. "Surely that can't be all you've been doing all day."
  3. Van Cedric smiles ruefully to himself. "I took my daughter to the park today, the one with the water attachments. She loved it." He smiles openly at the memory. "Other than that, I've been working for Mean Old Mr. Boss Man." He said. Mean Old Mr. Boss Man was what Van Cedric had always called the man who opened the store, yet had the gall to never visit. Indeed, the only person ever seen talking to the boss was the general manager, and only on the telephone. "Our host left a while ago, so I held the fort. Hehehe, that guy will come back, they always do..." Van Cedric smiles ruefully again. "So, how've you been Aaron?"
  4. Aaron smiled a bit. "Hopefully. Don't want all the good customers getting scared off." He stretched and stifled a yawn. "I haven't been up to too much. I've mostly been hanging around the apartment, playing video games when my producer isn't on my case about editing." he explained, going back to leaning on the counter. "Seems pretty slow today. Did any of the cute regulars stop by yet?" he asked, smirking. He was hoping the answer would be no, he would have hated to miss out on seeing the girl that he'd had his eyes on for a few weeks now.

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  5. "Just Jaclyn." Van Cedric smiles as he blushes at her image that pops up in his head. "No one else really came, 'sides for that guy, and a few regulars." His watch beeps. "Shit! I've gotta pick up Winifred Liliana!" He exclaims, referring to his daughter. "But I've gotta stay here. Dammit. Cover for me for five minutes, man?" And with that Van Cedric hops in his piece of crap car and picks up his daughter at the daycare. "Late again, Van? That's the third time this week." says the old lady who runs the daycare. "Sorry, Mrs. Hoover. Won't happen again." Van Cedric smiles. A little girl of about five years old pokes her head around the door. "Mrs. Hoover, is Daddy here, yet?" Then she sees him and runs to him. "Hey, little girl!" Van Cedric picks her up playfully. "We're going to Daddy's work for a couple hours, that OK with you?" "Yeah." Winifred Liliana says. Back at the cafe, Van Cedric says to Aaron, "Thanks, man." and smiles.
  6. He sighed a bit, sad that he had missed her. "Sure thing, I'll hold down the fort." he said with a little salute and a smirk. While he was gone, Aaron may or may not have pulled his DS out of his pocket and entertained himself with some Phoenix Wright antics instead of working. Except of course when a customer came in. He was in the middle of taking the man's order when Van came back, and finished taking his order before he waved to them. "Welcome back. We only had two goblin attacks and one secret agent break-in while you were gone." he quipped with a grin. The man Aaron had just been helping looked at him like he was crazy.
  7. Alisa yawned as she walked into the café. “Hey guys.” She said to Van and Aaron before making her way to the back room. Moments later she reemerged dressed in her uniform and a book in one of her hands. She then went and joined the others. "Sorry I'm late. I ended up staying up late reading and then forgot to set my alarm clock. Didn't wake up until an hour ago." It was then that she noticed the shocked looking costumer. She sighed. "I'd ask what happened before I got here, but knowing you two I already have an idea as to what happened. Anyways, how have you two been?"
  8. Joan walked slowly with his hands in his pockets. His blue hair was covering his whole face except his light-pink lips as usual, and he had forgotten to take his snake bites out, as well as his nose stud, eye brow stud, and about 10 other ear piercings he didn't feel like naming. Ah well, I usually get away with all of those except the snake bites, it's not like the others can be seen. He found himself standing outside the shop, starring at the sky for the past couple minutes. He looked from the door to the street several times. "Ah, hell..." He mumbled, walking into the cafe. He looked around to see Aaron, Alisa, and Ced. "Ohaiyou, guys." He looked to Alisa. "And gal." He greeted with his half Japanese accent, slipping a necklace on, showing his name tag.
  9. Aaron just grinned at Alisa's comment, waving as she entered. "It was the goblins this time. Probably." he joked, that impish grin on his face as per usual. "Which book are you reading now?" he asked, twisting this way and that to try and see the name of the one she was carrying. For being such a hardcore gamer, he liked thinking of himself as a well-rounded nerd. He tended to geek out over a lot of things, movies, games, comics, books, anything that caught his interest. When Joan entered his attention was diverted from bugging Alisa about the book, if only for a moment. "Hey there, Joan. Everything good?"
  10. Joan shrugged, pressing his lips together. "Ahh, It's just the usual. Started with sis yelling at me, so I tried to leave as early as I could. Of course, the only reason she was yelling at me was because I woke up late." He stretched his arms out and sighed, the usual morning people at the cafe didn't seem to mind him, he did this everyday. He looked back at Aaron. "So how you been?" He asked, perching his elbows on the counter he was now stationed at.
  11. "Hey, Alisa, Joan," Van Cedric greets each of them as they come in. "Just scaring costumers, as usual. Hoping one of these days, if enough of them complain, maybe Mean Old Mr. Boss Man will appear." He pauses as he sneezes. "Ugh, bless me." He says sarcastically. Van Cedric takes Winifred Liliana to the back room and says to her, "Make sure you don't leave this room, okay? Daddy'll be just outside, okay. If you hear Daddy shouting, we're just playing jokes." He leaves the room, and goes back to the others. "Blargh, I've been working too much."
  12. Joan smirked playfully. "Just take the day off, I do it all the time." He laughed to himself. "I'm joking, but maybe you should take it off, since you've got squirt over there locked in the back room." He pointed to the door to the back room. "I wouldn't be surprised if you looked in there in five minutes and it looked like a tornado struck."
  13. Aaron thought for a few moments. "You know, instead of clocking out and taking the day off, you could always just hang out in the break room with your daughter. It's probably going to be pretty slow today as usual, if it gets crazy we can always give you a yell." He went into the kitchen and made up the customer's order, humming to himself quietly. It was just an idea, but he knew how hard Van had been working lately, and a bit of a break would do him good. He brought the order out when it was finished, placing it on the customer's table with a grin. "I think the goblins -may- have gotten into the danishes. I picked out the one that was the least chewed up for ya." he said with a big smile, giving the man a pat on the back before making his way back behind the counter next to Joan.
  14. "You've got a point, but what if a GM or even Mean Old Mr. Boss Man comes, and I'm fooling around in the back with a child he's never seen before? What would that do to my job?" Van Cedric runs his hand through his hair and sighs. "But I suppose I must or you'll make me," he smiles. In the break room, Van Cedric looks in to see Winifred Liliana sleeping in the chair. He smiles at the scene.

    "It's okay, the devil is asleep, for now." He calls out to the counter.
  15. Joan turned and gave Ced a thumbs up. He then looked around the cafe, spotting one of his friends who came here on his lunch break. Smiling deviously, he yelled out, "Oohh, look at that sexy beast!" He gave him a wolf whistle, causing the other to laugh and nearly choke on his coffee. The other customers gawked at him awkwardly, then decided to ignore him. His friend decided to hang around the counter with Joan, glaring at him.
    "You didn't have to moan that loudly to get my attention." He said with a smile and a wink.

    Joan snickered. "At least it wasn't as loud as you in bed." He laughed again as the blonde tried to hide his now pinkish face.
    "We all know you like it that way, Jojo." The blonde lifted his head and smiled at him.
  16. "Really? That has to be the eighth goblin attack this week." Alisa said as she sat down at the counter. Since the cafe wasn't very busy yet and didn't have to worry about taking care of any customers for a while she figured she would read for a little bit. She placed her book onto the counter and continued to read from where she had left off before she had gone to sleep. As she read, she became so into her book that the world around her seemed to vanish. She had managed to finish a couple of pages when a customer walked through the door and straight up to her.
    "Excuse me, I would like to place an order." He said.
    Alisa's eye twitched slightly as she was pulled back to the real world. She slowly placed her book mark back into her book, closed it, and looked up at the one who had dared to interrupt her. "Yes?What would you like?" She asked, annoyed.
    A shiver ran down the man's spine as he heard her voice. "Um, yes. I would like, um....."
    Her eye twitched for a second time and she began to tap her foot against the ground as she waited for the man to order.
    After five minutes of waiting she finally snapped. "Sir, if you do not know what to order then would you please stop wasting my time. If you continue to do so, which I highly suggest that that is something you do not want to do, then I will be forced to do something I may regret. Understood?" She asked in a voice that seemed to cause the surrounding air to drop a couple of degrees.
    "Yes ma'am." The man said quickly before ordering the first thing he saw on the menu, not caring what it was.
    Alisa smiled brightly. "Okay then, your order will be up shortly." She said as her mood seemed to do a three sixty.
    The man quickly made his way away from the counter, scared of what would happen if he annoyed the waitress once.
    As the man moved away from her, Alisa looked around the cafe and noticed that many of the other customers were looking at her. "What are you looking at?" She asked them. They quickly directed their attention else where.