I hate being single.

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  1. Exactly as the title says. Now my last relationship went to assface nowhere, she dumped me a day after she said "I hope you ask my dad to propose to me." Her and i have dated on and off for 3 years now so it sucked she dumped me once again. I hate the lonely days. I like being able to talkto someone,ask how their day was, talk to em about who pissed us off that day ,stuff like that.

    Im just hating single life.... ;-;
  2. *pat* I know it's painful, and probably nothing I say right now will make you feel better, but all those things you say you miss are things you can do with friends. Being single isn't the same as being alone, and it's really true that you need to be able to be happy without a significant other to make a lifetime relationship with one.
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  3. Thing is that the only real friend i have lives an hour away so we cant hang out. He goes to school and i work so its hard to chill with him.
  4. What I've learned about relationships is this: Learn to love yourself and be happy alone. And actual, genuine happiness, mind you. Learn that and you can learn to love and be happy with someone else.

    Oh, and another thing, the feelings you are getting now are only because your brain has wired itself to be used to someone being there. And although it feels like you will feel that way forever, you won't unless you allow yourself to. I've been there more than a few times and I can understand that empty, crushed feeling. But as Winston Churchill said, "If you're going through hell, keep going."
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  5. I know the feeling, mate, I've been all alone most of my life. The one time I actually had a girlfriend we were together for exactly a year before she dumped me, it was my own fault, really. I'm over it now, nothing to do about it except move on. I mean, I have depression and a whole lot of other crap to deal with, but that's for other, unrelated reasons.
  6. I've only had one girlfriend in person, and she was a nymphomaniac, who was too clingy, and was generally a psychopath. She got mad at me when I talked to other girls on an mmo, just as friends. Then she threatened to cut herself...again so I told her enough of that crap and broke up with her. A few months later I meet my best and second girlfriend..on an iPod app. Fast forward a few months I had to break up with her.

    Long story short, to me you aren't missing much, but eventually I'm sure everyone will find the man/woman they want.
  7. Being single, not too bad. Think of it this way, if you wanna go out somewhere just slap on some clothes and go. Wanna sit at home in your underwear and be lazy? Fine, no one's gonna stop ya (unless you live with your parents of have roommates or something, they might stop you). And it's better than a long distance relationship. They suck more than being single.
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  8. there are some days when i wish i were single again

    i got more stuff done faster when you don't have to take into account others

    but hey! love, companionship, and regular sexual congress

    10 of one, 11 of the other, or so i'm told
  9. Hey now, that's a bit of an overstatement. Long distance is tough, without a doubt, and they're not for everybody, but worse than being single? Well, that depends on who you're talking to.
  10. Well when you don't really know if you'll ever actually get any further in the relationship is pretty shitty. And not seeing the possibility of the other person going anywhere....yeah.... I guess it does depend....
  11. Not to mention what it's like being in an abusive relationship. I've witnessed a lot of crap like that, it ain't pretty. So all in all, being single ain't half bad, you just gotta get used to it, and that takes time. Also neither is being in a long distance relationship, that was kind of the point I was making, wasn't it?
  12. Never said you weren't making that point. Anyways, that's neither here nor there. It was just my 2 cents on the subject. nothin' to argue about or anything. I'm sure you're not trying to argue, just thought I'd say that.
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  13. Any tips though, lol im just a guy who wants to go on some dates. I havent been on one before lol. It doesnt help i look really young yet im 19.
  14. I can't tell you what is right or wrong for your life. But I can be that obnoxious bastard that puts too much stock in being single and loving it. Before you can be happy in a relationship, you really should be happy to be single.

    Yeah, relationships are fun. But because people are so gung-ho on dating someone, they tend to settle. Don't ever settle. But you have to find your qualities, what makes you, well, you. And you can't do that while being in a relationship because you'll be focusing on the 'us' and not the 'you'. Now I'm not saying give up and go on a self finding quest. Don't do that. They don't work. But learn to love your company and gain that confidence in yourself.

    That's my advice. Whether you take it or not, that's a choice.
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  15. To clarify the amount i love myself already is on reason girls think im an over confident asshole who wants in their pants, which i dont, but every guy i like is either straight or taken by another guy.
  16. And that's their issue, not yours. If they are willing to judge you so fast, they aren't worth it. Confidence isn't bad, but assuming is. I don't know about you, but the men I fall for I don't want to be push overs.

    don't be a push over, but don't be an asshole. Having confidence doesn't make you an asshole. It makes you human who wants respect.
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  17. I agree, just because i dont hate my appearance doesnt make me and asshole does it i mean im moderately attractive but i do like a freaking junior in highschooleven though im 19 lol
  18. Romance is finiky. Not sure I spelled that right, but of all the shits I give, not a single one was. Not this day.

    Anyways, sounds like you are on your way of working this out.
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  19. Yeah , nowmy jobs just being bleh but whatever.
  20. 10551018_678538568893347_4697642233864894433_n.jpg

    Se i look like im 12
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