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  1. Maine
    Using rags around him, Maine did his best to stop the bleeding form the gunshot wound on Lucien. He was so focused in his work that he didn't immediately notice the crimson goo seeping in. It wasn't until the goo began to cover Lucien that he bolted from the ground and saw all the goo everywhere. "What the fuck?!" he blurted completely unaware of what was going on. He quickly brought his rifle up, prepared to shoot anything that moved. Nyx now would be a good time for you come out..... *Silence* Crap... He attempted to rescue the man but was unsuccessful as the goo surrounded his prone form.

    Then he heard the screams, like that of a dying beast, causing a chill to run down his spine. Maine slowly crept forward out of the room, rifle up as the sound of screams came closer. He heard footsteps in front of him and was prepared; however could only gasp in horror at the sight before him. A sole female figure approached him, face completely caved in, gurgling as it stumbled forward. He froze up, unsure how to react to the zombie-like creature, but he quickly recovered, lifted his rifle, and fired five rounds, three rounds center mass and two rounds into what was left of her head.

    There were screams more up ahead as Maine readied his rifle for the next people. The next batch came in and before Maine could identify who they were, he fired ahead. Maine stopped midway the moment he realized who exactly he was shooting at. "Sarge?" he weakly called. At a closer look he realized it was indeed his former Sergeant, except with her eye hanging out her socket. Following her were other members of his former squad in various states. Some had missing fingers and various others cuts and bruises and all were wearing some prisoner garb. "What the hell did they do to you guys?" he said, voice breaking. He struggled to bring his rifle back up, unable to shoot his old friends, his family. Maine's hands began to shake the weapon at his sergeant. Even with all his will, he couldn't pull the trigger. His eyes began to well up with tears and he collapsed to the ground, crimson goo creeping up his legs.

    "I"M BACK! Who missed me?" a familiar voiced called in the back of his head. "What's going o- the hell?" Nyx immediately became aware of the situation. "Maine get up. You need to snap out of it. It's not really them you know that. Come on!" she order to no avail. Maine was completely out of commission, the sight of his now dead comrades emotionally disabling him.

    With the creatures approaching, Nyx had to do something. Maine would not do anything, so it was on to desperate measures. Appearing in her shadow form, hands sharpened she readied herself and attacked the group ahead of her. She stabbed mostly in the head, as all the zombie movies had taught her. All the while Maine just stared and watched as his shadow attacked his dead friends.​
  2. Shouldn't this be in the Members Pic thread instead...Oh I don't know... Being in it's own special little thread?
  3. Your life went that way.

    *points to his northwest*
  4. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rEvosGROMU"]YouTube- The story of my life.[/ame]

    Oh my god. This thread is perfect for my video commentary about Iwaku and my life in general.
  5. 4 years ago, Wendu looked like my cute little cousin.



  6. Wendu looked like Darth Vader?
  7. So let me get this straight...

    You came back to Iwaku JUST to post a picture of yourself? What makes you think people will care though?

    Btw, you have no right to say you're old. Shut up child. =P
  8. answers to questions:

    no, no, yes, yes.

    not even kidding there.

    Idk. I occasionally feel like coming back to Iwaku but every time I do, I'm like, why the fuck did I do this I need chips.

    Whatever, maybe I come back cuz this was the source of all my shit.

    met Johnu, parents found out, fucked my life for a summer and a year. Searched for attention, met my current bf, got caught ditching school to make out with said guy... He's too old. I'm jailbaity and he's in the marines.

    or maybe I miss Gabe idontknowwhyicontinuouslyfuckmyselfover.
  9. Well, if this is just for TEHLOVEOFIWAKU shit, then you should have just posted in the members thread.

    Insanity is just what it is, Insanity and Non-serious shit.

    If you want to WANGST go to counseling.

    If you miss Gabe, go to RPA or whatever board he is running.

    If you wanna whine about how SHITAINTASGOODASIREMEMBER, then just don't come back.

    If you just come to gloat about your shit, then go on your facebook or some shit like that.

    This is Iwaku now, Wendu. Not your Iwaku, but ours. If you think it's not up to your standards then stop coming back.
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  10. This now calls for a song, but since Youtube fails here's one in text format!

    Say that I'm a silly so and so

    So and so...

    Tell me I'm not clever, cute or cool


    Tromp on my big toe
    Darling, I still love you so
    I'm just a crazy, lovesick fool
    I know that I embarass you sometimes

    All the times...

    Like when I threw your mom into the pool


    I yell a lot
    And you can't understand a word I say
    But, hey, I'm just a crazy, lovesick fool
    I remember the night we met
    It was in a laundromat

    You came into to wash your feet
    She was eating a pile of meat

    And that as they say was that
    At the moment
    I am indisposed


    But when and if someday
    I get set free

    Free...take me

    [Brak]We'll find a little cottage
    With a swingset and a slide
    And crazy, lovesick fools we'll be
    And crazy, lovesick fools we'll be

    Somebody...please kill me
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  12. Wow... how the past returns to the future.
  14. You know who I miss?


    Stupid staff banning him for the 4th time before I could mess with him..
  15. ...JUST...
  16. ...HAPPENED?
  17. HAHA! Johnu! We miss you and your crazy drama! Wonder where he is now.. hopefully in a better place. XD