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I was me wandering around and suddenly I ran into John Stewart and Rob Corddry and RIGHT THEN, one of their junior writers died so they needed someone else to help them fill in 'cause they were about to work on a mock interview and needed some third-party assistance to spice things up with the interview and I was all, "Hey guys I think I can help" so they said, "LET'S DO THIS!" and I did awesome and I got offered a job as a writer on the Daily Show and I became good friends with John Stewart and Rob Corddry and I started making my way through entertainment circles and became friends with the cast of The Office and 30 Rock and I got invited to all the birthday parties and--

IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So your dream was you getting a job?

That's sad, dude.
....I mean come on. It would have been 100% better if there was smecks and nudity. Oh those are the best~
Not only that...he got the job of a dead man...giving it a VERY creepy factor...especially since the writer died RIGHT THEN AND THERE...
I liked the one where I saved the universe, got famous for it, and got a harem for it.
Needs more acid-trip-ness.
Speaking of, my last dream was Asmodeus saving a baby from a burning building, in Paris. Then it went some sort of TF2/Gorgon Child siege shit with "The Thing" from Gary Paulson's comics.
i once saved an entire US aircraft carrier in a dream once.

then there was this other one where me and ryker some dude parachuted into antarctica or the arctic, cant remember which, destroyed a secret terrorist base, then fled across an ice ocean, with killer whales smashing up from below, trying to eat us.

now THOSE are awesome dreams.
This sucks. How come the only dreams I can remember are b-grade horror movies made up in my own head? WHY CAN'T MY DREAMS EVER BE LIKE MY FANTASIES!!
Supposedly you can lucid dream, but whenever I realize I'm dreaming I stop.
Yeah, whenever I have my weird sort-of-horror dreams, I usually snap awake against my will. I want to know what happens next. Does the little girl kill the bad guy, or does she become mulch for his evil plants? (Don't ask)
Last time I wasn't too exhausted to dream, I dreamed I was Jesus with a bazooka. I was standing next to Iron Man (RDJ Iron Man, not comics Iron Man) and we were fighting Skrulls.

Say it with me guys...

I know I sound like a dumbass now but skrulls? What is?

It sounds familiar...
.eeds more rocket propelled chainsword tips for added impact damage with every swing.
Pao's right.