I had a really bad week at work and I need some advice.

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  1. I worked Monday through Friday this week, and things were going great at first but Every other day I came across some mishaps during work. I normally work as a cashier at this establishment, and took great pride in the fact that I hardly ever messed up orders and was hardly ever short or over on my drawer at the end of my shift. Before I left for vacation I had only messed up one order after having been an employee for a little over a month, and right before my winter vacation in Canada.

    I recently got back from vacation because my new school semester has started, and I obviously went back to work. Last week I had no problems. I was on the ball like I had been before, but this week....this week just felt horribly wrong at first and it didn't become a definite problem until the first mistake I made at work. On Tuesday I had messed up two orders as cashier, I messed up two more on Wednesday, and then two more today. Not only was I messing up but having several altercations with one of my managers Judy, who inevitably wrote me up on Wednesday. she said the reasoning behind it was something along the lines of "You have not been listening, you have messed up two orders this week, and have been trying to talk back to me." which I personally feel is a bit harsh, but that's a story for another post. Regardless I knew I deserved it to some degree.

    Today, work started a bit rocky. My managers do not like it if you come in too early or if you stay in the shop after your shift ends. Today I thought I was scheduled for 11:45 like I had been all week, but after I clocked in today Judy goes "Why are you here you do not start until noon". I wasn't sure if she was correct or not so I asked her if she was sure, and irritated she checks her sheet and sure enough it says noon on it. She says "I'm never wrong Kaden." obviously irritated and returns to her work and I head in the back of the store just to stay out of everyone's way until its time for me to clock in. I think she was mostly irritated with the fact that I was questioning her rather than being there to early. Regardless, I shrugged it off and tried to stay positive. I just chopped it up to me being wrong but at least I was on time for work.

    Things were fine after that until about three. Some co-workers shifts had ended so it was only a few of us working, and most the employees were in the back prepping for night shift. I had been moved over to Expo, because I was confidant I would not make any mistakes there since I hadn't earlier in the week. At expo all you really have to do is make sure people get their correct orders, and send them off in a friendly manner. However, there were only three of us working up front and five others (including my managers) in the back. I noticed no one was working our sandwich station so I attempted to do both Expo and SSP at the same time. I had asked a new employee for help but they refused because they "Didnt want to get flamed" for doing something he wasn't supposed to. My other co-worker was talking to a customer so I assumed he was ringing them up at cashier. I admit at this point I was starting to feel over whelmed due to the lack of help, and even after Mark, my other manager, came out to do the sandwiches I had already lost focus. I ended up giving someone the wrong take out order.

    Anyways, I almost got fired today since this had been my third mistake this week and right after having been written up. The only reason I wasn't is because I ended up having a panic attack shortly after both my managers started bombarding me with questions on how I screwed up AGAIN, and what was going on. Realizing that I was having an attack my manager Judy (who is typically the harshest of the two) eased up on me and I explained to her that I had gotten over whelmed because I was trying to do to much at once. She asked my why I didnt ask for help, and I told her that I had asked our new employee. They both told me to clock out, and she brought me to the back and asked me what was going on. She told me that they were very confused and didn't understand whats going on especially since I received proper training. "This isn't the Kaden that we know, you have never made such big mistakes before." and I told her I really didn't know what was going on and I realized I had never been so horrible at my job. I told her that I was having troubles keeping focused, and I told her that I was thinking about asking my doctor for my ADHD meds again. She asked if I was on them now, and I told her I hadn't since I was in the tenth grade. She asked if I was having troubles in school as well and I told her yes. So after that little explanation she said that I need to make an appointment as soon as possible and then sent me on my way.

    My problem is that my family no longer has a family doctor, and while I do have the insurance (now) I have no idea where to go to even begin the process to acquire these medications again. My mom also told me that the process could take months, which is time I don't have. My job is literally on the line right now and I have no idea what to do. I feel like I hadn't been myself at all this week. I feel like I had taken ten steps back from where I was, and I was in a GOOD place. I'm starting to get scared, because I don't want to get fired and I don't want to go back to where I previously was before I got the job.

    I don't know what to do, I'm really worried that I will keep messing up when I go to work the up coming week and that they are going to fire me.

    I also have another problem with my work environment but I was thinking about making that into another post entirely.
  2. Well, as dickish as your Boss seems to be in a number of area's at least she seems understanding of your panic attacks.
    And considering that and the way the medical field works, it may be best to try to get the appointment ASAP, but also explain to your boss that because of how the medical field works you might still end up waiting a bit.

    If she's truly understanding she should be able to accept it as long as you're still putting the effort forward in work.

    As for the mistakes themselves? Honestly the best thing to do is to not worry about it.
    If you go in worried about messing up, you're only going to be panicked and therefore more likely to mess up,
    Take your days off to relax, do something you enjoy, have fun. Let yourself return to work relaxed and ready to work.
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  3. I agree with Gwazi. If you know it's going to be a long wait, I would work towards getting that prescription again ASAP. Better that than waiting and going even longer without that kind of help (and, as someone who is also prescribed ADHD meds, I definitely agree that they can do a ton of good helping you get things back-on-track in situations like these). In the meantime, just try to be honest about it.

    Also, do you normally drink any caffeine? Personally I find that it helps combat my ADHD symptoms slightly, so it might be worthwhile to try it as a substitute until you get the real thing. But if you also have anxiety issues then I realize it might have a worsening effect, so take that with a grain of salt. Just thought I'd throw the suggestion out there if you think it might work for you.
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  4. I should first start out by saying you may not like my response because I am harsh manager myself. However, my response may give you perspective to other sides of the story.

    You may think your manager is coming down on you too hard and is unreasonable, but what you may not know is what she is getting from her boss. At my job my boss (who was amazing ) would tell me that if my employees kept messing up or breaking rules he wasn't going to chew thier asses, he was going to chew mine. The reason was because it is MY job to make sure they know how to do thier job and that they are doing it properly. So when my employees would keep making big mistakes it'd be frustrating because I know I trained them, and they weren't asking me for help, but in the end I was the one getting g in trouble behind the scenes. It sucked, but it makes complete sense.

    I set high expectations for my team. As such, I had one of the best stores in the company but it came at a price. There were times I demanded a lot from my team which stressed them out, but made them better workers.

    The way your boss seems to say certain things seems a little harsh. She could come about them differently it's true, but I want you to focus on something different. You can't change your boss, you can only change you. Now, though you were an excellent employee in the past and still are I'm sure, you've made some mistakes. It's good that you owned up to them but let's recap.

    You clocked in 15 minutes before you're scheduled time. It doesn't seem like a big deal but it really is in the grand scheme of things. For starters, if you're working a full 8 hour shift, that extra 15 min could throw you into overtime and in some companies that is unacceptable. (Depending on the state it cause a bunch of legal problems too.) Also, she may have very very strict hours to give out. That 15 min may make a big difference in the hours she gets.

    You came up over and/or short multiple times in one week. This is a very big deal especially in a corporate type setting. Corporate only sees numbers. They don't work with you and they don't know you. All they see is results. So when the weekly report comes out and they see one particular store continuosly has descrepancies they look to the managers and demand to know what the deal is. She may be facing more problems than you know about.

    I didn't bring any of this up to stress you out more, but for you to gain a new perspective on things. Now for my advice.

    1. Do not worry about unforseen problems that may or may not arise. This is absolutely pointless and will only cause you to trip up because you're so worried about making those mistakes.

    2. Own up to your mistakes. Thankfully, you have been doing this. However, it comes to a point where you say "No more." It's okay to make mistakes. It's what you learn from them that's important. With every mistake you should make damn sure the next time you have learned not to do that again. Never make excuses. When your boss approaches you about them say "You're right. I made a mistake and I have learned from it. It will not happen again." No matter how bitchy she comes across.

    3. Slow down. I don't work with you so I don't claim to know what problems you're having at work, but my assumption is that you're hurrying through your work and not giving correct change/giving the wrong orders. Take a deep breath. It is better to do the job correctly than quickly. Don't let your nerves get the best of you.

    4. Ask for help. If you are overwhelmed, ask for help. I can not stress that enough. I know you said you asked a -new employee-. That is the last person you should have asked help from. Ad you've only been there less than 2 months they have been there even less. I know you asked help from one manager who couldn't help yout so you go to the next. After the expo mishap, if I were Judy I would have said "you never asked me..." though I always made sure my employees knew I was available if they were drowning. Either way you should never fear that you are bothering someone by asking for help, especially your boss. It is thier job. If you feel you would benefit from more training ask for it. It will only help you in the long run. Don't let your pride get in the way of your success.

    Now about the meds. Don't worry about getting in trouble for not getting them right away. They can't fire you for that. They can fire you for making the same mistakes over and over with repeated warnings though. So i suggest Taking at least part of the advice listed above and take responsibility, slow down, and ask for help.

    This is more on a personal note, but don't ride on your ADD. if you've made a mistake just own up to it and work on getting your meds. Don't blame your ADD or tell your bosses " well its because this or its because that." Just get it handled. I say this because it'll make you come off more mature and responsible. They will look at you in a different light.

    Again, I hope this didn't come off harsh. I do hope this was constructive for you and you gained something from it. The best of luck for you. If you need any specific advice I would love to help you so just shoot me a PM anytime if you don't know how to handle a situation.
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  5. She doesn't really have a boss. I work at a food franchise, as in Mark and Judy (my managers) bought the franchise by using their entire life savings and then some. They are the owners of the store. The only thing they really have to worry about from people higher up on the ladder is probably the CEO himself or the franchise's administrative workers, who basically set all the rules and regulations every store must follow. If my managers really have anything to worry about right now it is simply making it. They put A LOT of money into buying not only the franchise and into also renting out the land. The problem here isn't whether or not my managers were to hard on me, I even admitted in my original post that I probably deserved it that week. If your employees don't ask you for help there is probably a reason as to why that is, which is the same for my situation at my work place. Everyone at my work place is terrified of Judy because she is a micro manager, and has a track record of getting mad over things she shouldn't get mad over. An example of this, I would be working cashier with three other people. It is currently down time (right after lunch rush), and we don't have any customers. Jason who is working SSP asks me to stock something for him, which I don't mind doing. Helping out your team is a part of effective team work, and I wasn't really doing anything anyways. I tell one of my co-workers at cashier that I am going to help Jason real quick (the only needed romaine so its not like this little favor I'm doing is going to take me ten minutes.). Everything is squared away, like I was taught in training to do, and I go to the back of house to restock the romaine. Judy, who is frustrated enough as it is due to the lunch rush, snaps at me to put the romaine back and go stand by my cashier. (Disclaimer; this is a very simplified example as to what happened, so please keep that in mind. I don't really see the need to go into to much detail.) This is just one example out of many others, but I don't blame her for acting that way though, because like I said she and her husband put their entire life savings trying to make this work. Unfortunately after several other instances the team starts to fear asking each other for help, because they just simply don't want to get yelled at for trying to help out a team mate. I don't know if that's why your team was falling apart when you were managing them, but thank you for sharing your point of view as a manager anyways. Heck, for all I know I could be entirely wrong and Mark and Judy DO have a boss they have to report to. I'm not sure. All I know is that things are rough for them right now, and I should at least try to make up for the mistakes that I made.

    You are entirely right here, there was something that was causing me to really slip up last week and I still have no idea as to what it was. It's a bit difficult to learn from your mistakes and make up for them when you have no clue for the cause. This is why I thought it was my ADHD, but I went to work yesterday and was on point like I had previously been before last week. I think I may have been distracted by school somewhat because I had fallen behind, and I guess I was to focused on worrying about school than focusing on what was more important at the time. I didn't work Saturday or Sunday so I took that time to unwind and relax. I caught up on everything that needed to be done with school and now I feel a lot more at ease. As I type this I am even at the library working on school work. I also felt a lot more positive and focused over all when I went to work yesterday, but I think yesterday was just a good day for everyone. Even Judy was in an extremely great mood, despite three of her employees being horribly horribly late. >.<;

    It really isn't though, so let me elaborate on this some more. The three days prior to Friday I had been at least five minutes late to work due to construction on a main road, and simply my own poor time management. I wanted to make up for these mistakes by arriving at least ten minutes earlier than my starting time. This would give me plenty of time to get ready for my shift, and I wouldn't feel like I was in a rush. It was supposed to be a way to get me to stay calm and relax right at the beginning of work, start my shift off right with a positive vibe. Unfortunately, it just wasn't to be since I had messed up my weekly schedule at the beginning of the week, but this wasn't something I was going to get worked up over. She told me I was wrong, so I clocked out. Which means that there was barely any affect on the hours she gave or my pay. My managers, and even the co-workers, have the capability to go into the system and fix the times we clock in and out. This system was implemented as an attempt to counter act people who may possibly forget to clock out the day before.

    However, I totally understand where you are coming from. If I had not clocked out, those fifteen minutes may have been a problem. It's just not an issue in this situation simply due to the fact that I had clocked out as soon as she told me that I wasn't supposed to be in yet, and we have something to counter act those small mistakes in our computer system.

    No no no! I wasn't short or over at all during that week. I am hardly ever short or over on my register. Did I say that I was in my original post ( I cant seem to find where I may have)? The problem was that I was ringing up customer's orders incorrectly due to my inability to focus, among other things. However, ringing up orders wrong still results in the loss of money so I can still see why this comment is relevant to the situation. However, I am confused as to why they do not take the loss of money out of their employees pay check? Granted I am glad that they didn't, I'm just curious as to why they don't consider that option very often. I also take home any orders that I have messed up instead of an employee meal, as an attempt to sort to "even" it out. I'm not entirely certain if that helps or not. You seem very knowledgeable about this, so that's why I am asking you. Have you had to take money out of someones pay check to counter act the loss of money due to an accident they caused?

    These are really helpful!! Thank you so much for trying to help me. A few of these is actually what my manager Judy told me after my panic attack, so now I know for sure you have the same mind set as she does. I think part of the reason I did so poorly on Friday is due to one, three, and four. The mistakes I had made prior to Friday really messed up my mind set. I couldn't stop thinking "I'm going to mess up again." or "I'm going to get fired." and eventually it just ruined my focus. I didn't slow down and take the time to asses my surroundings and make sure everything is correct. I was to focused on ringing up the costumers quickly in order to counter the massive amount of people that had just came in during lunch rush. I was trying to make the line go quicker. Sometimes I speed up as an attempt to finish something quickly as an attempt to impress either my manager or my co-worker, and generally that kind of back fires. I was counting my register's drawer with my co-worker andy in the back and well.... I got a tad bit competitive maybe? He was counting faster than I was, so I was trying to pick up the pace so I could either finish before him or at the same time. Never ever doing that again. SO, I noticed some of the things last week that were causing me to slip up. It was just the different kinds of mind sets that I had about the different situations, so after the failure of last week I sort of gave up on those mind sets.

    That advice is really helpful though, I'm going to keep those in mind when I go to work from now on.

    Yes, I don't plan on riding on that as an excuse for all my mistakes. A lot of it was just simply an incorrect way of thinking and my pride sort of getting in the way (I got a bit cocky with the register and as a result I stopped reading the orders back to the customers or double checking. This isn't okay, and I really need to stop doing it). Honestly, I don't believe I should be treated much different than someone who doesn't have ADHD. I am going to see how this week goes, and if I feel I'm still having troubles then I am going to make an appointment. I know I should get the medication as soon as possible but I am very hesitant to take them again since they have a negative effect on my eating habits and my personality. I stopped taking them for a reason, and I want them to a last resort. I have gone five years with out taking them, and have managed to do very well in school with out them up until last week. I think my mistakes last week were more so a result of my arrogance, stress, and just an incorrect mind set for work.

    Also, you did not come off as harsh at all! I actually greatly enjoyed reading your comment, and found it very useful. It was very constructive to be able to see what could possibly be my managers point of view through you. Again, thank you very much for your response. I look forward to seeing your opinion to everything above. I hope my response to you didn't come across in a negative way either. Some people tend to think I am trying to make an argument or fight with them over certain topics when really I just have a different perspective of things. I'm sure in some areas above it may look like I am giving excuses.... >.>;
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  6. If possible, you might be able to start taking them as more of an as-needed sort of thing as opposed to a regular schedule. That way you'll have it if you really feel like you need it, but you can avoid it most other days.

    I mean, it's great that you're doing so well without them and I'm not trying to pressure you or anything, especially if you don't like taking them, but, I just wanted to mention the possibility, in case you thought it might be better than a totally-on-or-totally-off thing.

    Still, though, I'm glad that things are improving for you! ^^
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  7. As it is a franchise where you work Im not entirely sure how those work. I've always worked in a corporate setting. However, I have watched Undercover Boss, and I've seen where these CEO's travel to many franchises in thier company to spy on them. They will travel to the stores that make the highest and lowest revenue. That leads me to believe the managers probably do get some heat from the corporate office. On the other hand, even if that was not the case I can understand sombody being defensive and overly protective of thier business when they put thier whole life savings into it. However, one could argue that it would be much more beneficial to be patient and kind when addressing such issues. If I'm being honest though, I'd say I have no room to talk. I've lost my temper, I've gotten impatient much too quickly, and I have zero tolerance for complacency. Not that that is your issue.

    As for you wonderi g why they can't just take the money out of your paycheck, I'm not one hundred percent sure that the law doesn't go by state but here it would be illegal to do that. They are paying you to work. By hiring you they are taking a chance that you will mess up, or make mistakes. Regardless, you are there doing your job and deserve to be paid accordingly. Even if someone were flat out rude, slapped a customer, pissed on thier boss, and flipped off the establishment while moon walking the fuck out of there, they'd still get paid. It's the law. I fired an employee for being on Crack when he came to work. I still had to pay him his wages. Another employee was caught stealing. We fired her and paid her for the hours she worked.

    You don't sound like you're making excuses. You sound like you're working it all out in your head. I do hope you can gain the composure to start fresh and show them just what you can do. I can tell by reading your response that you do genuinely care and are not lazy. You just need to reboot your system and not let the fear of failure get in your way. And I'm not saying that your manager is a nice person by any means. She might be a horrible person for all I know. But as I said previously, you can only control you. Even if she was unreasonable, rude, offensive and what not, you can still be classy, respectful, and dping your job to the very best of your ability.
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  8. I'm not entirely sure if there is a law about that in Virginia. She mentioned earlier that she had to take 20 dollars out of someone's pay check since his register was 20 dollars short, however, the register that my co-worker was on has a habit of not working correctly. Knowing that I don't think it is particularly wise to take the money out of his pay simply due to the fact that she just doesn't know if its the employee or the register. Even my register messed up today when sending an order to the recite printing machine. Unfortunately, my managers cannot really do anything about it because maintenance from the administrative/corporate building has to fix that problem. However my co-worker wasn't really on the ball today, so who really knows what happened. Plus, employees have been stealing from the store and eating food they didn't pay for. Key point is that my managers do take the money out an employees pay check if the loss of money is high. That's my conclusion anyways.

    As for an update, work was semi-well. I was on time, and focused. Today was the first time they put me back on cashier and I only had one mishap; it was just simply due to negligence of several people. A customer asked for a cheese garnish but didn't specify as to what cheese. They didn't say, I didn't ask, the person making the food didn't ask, so there was one soup wasted. I should have asked. I told the new employee that if he wasn't sure about something, especially like that, then always always ask the cashier who rang the order up. So we worked that one out and nipped it in the butt. Judy didn't seem to mind so much on this one though, because the recite did not print correctly and the customer was difficult. Everything else went great, and I even picked up expo right at the end of work. I just kept repeating what you told me the other day, to take my time and ask for help. Again, thank you for your wonderful advice!

    There was something that I thought of today at work that I wanted to ask you, but I forgot what it was. If I have any more questions that pop up while I am at work I'll make sure to ask you about it first. xD
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  9. I'm so glad it went well today :) it sounds like you're finding your stride. If you think of your questions. Don't hesitate to ask. And you're welcome :)
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