I guess this is the end.

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I hadn't ever dreamed of this day. I've had nightmares though. So sorry guys, I have to leave Iwaku. I can't reveal specifics but I think I can say this: It's do or divorce.

You see, my wife doesn't understand why I come on here at all. And if she doesn't understand something inherently, she won't ever. Or, perhaps she's selective in her understanding. This is hard, knowing I'll probably never be back. Knowing deep down, that this is my final run. I hope it meant something to you all, because I know it did me.

I guess this is goodbye.
Patrick, I'm sorry. :[ This is heartbreaking for me. We've had a lot of fun goofing around, being derps, roleplaying and having you for our Perfect Cherry artist. [Even though we're lazy in that department. lolol]

I have hope that maybe one day you'll come back to us and your wifu will understand that this place is awesome. In the meantime, do say hey once in a while. If you happen to be on your messengers. Or, go spam my Facebook wall once in a while! Hell, I'll give you my cell number if I hafta. I love you, dude.

I wish the best for you and your family, Felzilla. <3
That sucks :( hope one day shell understand and let you get back on :(
Not cool at all. >:[

Here's hoping you can come back one day! D:
Really fucking sorry to see you go. Best of luck with everything, bud.
It's been a pleasure working with you on staff. Sorry to see you go, man. Hope everything turns out well in your life.
Thanks for all the fish.

Keep that marriage alive and enjoy the real adventure.
Words can't express the farewell I want to give, man :/ I really hope you can come back one day.... :/
Rory, get Raz on the horn.

We need to borrow the batmobile.

In seriousness, you will be missed, you're a good rper and a good staffer. This is sudden but understandable, you have to do what you have to do, just don't forget about us 'zilla.
I don't know you much out of what I read, but I'm really sorry to hear this happening to you. I hope she'll one day understand your hobbies. I apologize if that's rudely worded.
You all made me cry...

I'll keep in contact on Facebook as much as possible, guys.
I plan to stalk you using the facebook I never use.
You're a really cool dude. Even though I don't know you that well, I think that you're really awesome.
We're going to be worse off without you.
Many wishes that things get better and maybe you can return to us sometime...
Log on Iwaku just to YELL at EVERYONE.

Then disappear for months at a time.

I agree with orochi. BEST USE OF TIME EVER. I hope you do get a chance to pop back in so I can actually meet you. Good luck with life, broseph.

I never got to know you as well as I should've. But perhaps we'll get another chance down the road.

Best of luck out there mate! We'll keep the light on for you.

- Woodrat
You had a good, strong run, can't ask for more than that. Keep your life out there solid, this place will be around. Here or in another form.

Best of luck.