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  1. Hello there!
    I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. I have been roleplaying for about three years now but am still developing my skills. Now I need to ask you for a favour! I am not sure how to rate my writing. I know I'm not amazing but I think I'm at least half decent however I would like someone honest opinion. Also I prefer to role play one on one chat style. Any tips on how to find a partner would be most appreciated!
  2. Best way to find a partner? The search/partner request threads. Start your own, explain how you like to play, then wait. If you feel really bold you can poke around in other people's threads who are also looking for partners. 's what I do. (by the by, the ooc threads are the smaller links underneath the main link for each type! ^.^) Happy trails my new friend!
  3. Hello! welcome! bonjour!
    As the nice guy above said it's best to look around the Roleplay request/chat/OOC's when looking for a play to join.
    Enjoy your stay and happy roleplaying.
  4. Thanks for the help!!!
  5. Greetings Ozouko! :D Welcome to the community!