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  1. Well, my friends invited me to this site since they said they might be doing something on here.
    At first I was like "meh, i mean, i have a few sites already..."
    but then they said there's actual 18+ stuff on here.
    Now, I'm not gonna say i came here for smut, but rather every other site i'd ever been on had low ass tolerance for even a curse word here or there in the most simple and correct context.
    Getting tired of that, I pretty much rushed here as fast as I could in hopes that it'll be a much, much better experience, and atleast from rules and from the FAQ, I think it will.

    Anyways, I'm Facethelight. A lot of people call me Asane though, being as she's my main OC; she's my favorite to play for a multitude of reasons. You can call me Facethelight, Face, Asane, whatever you really want as long as its not to purposely offend me (if you could, not much does). I like a lot of sci-fi stuff, as well as modern stuff in a not so realistic setting, like zombies. I'm entirely one of those people, I love zombies and the survival against them.

    So... yeah I don't know im not really that interesting I guess.
  2. Hey Face, welcome to Iwaku! Glad you came over. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  3. Hello, Don't feed the Plot bunnies. Hope too see you around.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.