I got the best gift in the freakin world. (What's the greatest gift you've ever gotten?)

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    These gloves are awesome. They have unicorns on them people, UNICORNS. Tell me that these are not majestic? I was tickled pink when my sister got me these. Best gift in the freakin world, holy crap, best early birthday gift ever. Seriously, I am almost speechless. Over reaction to gloves? Maybe, but I get really excited easily sometimes.

    What's the best gift that you've ever gotten?​
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  2. My friend got me a backstage pass for Iron Maiden when I was 20. To this day, it is one of my fondest memories.
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  3. I got a Boba Fett bath robe for Christmas a few years back.

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  4. I got an Oculus Rift DK2 last year for Christmas.

    That was pretty kickass.
  5. Nothing. I get nothing for Christmas. Love and affection I guess. Greatest Christmas ever coming up with @Seba :ferret:
  6. Japan-only exclusive artbooks my friend managed to find of my favourite anime ooohohohpdffjn
    and one of them is out of print as well ; u ;
  7. My friends got me a Kakashi action figure for my birthday when I was more of a manga/anime nerd. I didn't have any party or even talk about my birthday to them and they still got it for me, which is the biggest reason it was such a great gift.

    Also, I get awesome gifts from my older brother all the time. Like a ticket to a Sabaton concert last Christmas and a talking Dalek figure the Christmas before that. He's also an epic artist and draws me stuff when he doesn't buy me stuff. I dunno whether the drawings or the things are better gifts.

    ...Oh wait, now I figured out which was the greatest friggin' gift ever. My brother randomly bought the two of us tickets to a Lordi concert even though it wasn't Christmas or my birthday or anything. Just a purely random gift out of fucking nowhere. Then he went and caught the pick the bassist threw into the audience and gave it to me.

    I swear to spaghetti monster, I have the best brother ever.
  8. The Ness amiibo, after years of not being able to get any Earthbound related merchandise i finally get the amiibo of Ness. And that my friend is so far the best gift i have ever had, along with Earthbound itself..Plus he was in one of the popular waves of amiibo so i was lucky.
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  9. I got the Ocarina of Time. The sad thing is I had no voice at the time and could only let out excited squeaks as I stared at it.
  10. My friends pitched together and bought me a art tablet one year. I'm still in awe.
  11. I guess technically that'd be the Family Vacation to Florida.

    Though I think that was less a Christmas Gift and more "This was planned for a while, let's just tell you about it on Christmas".

    Not including that?
    It would have probably been the Xbox 360 + Halo 3 Gift.
    Managed to unpack that thing, set it up, go to a family party and beat the game all in one day.
    Granted, on Easy Mode because little me just wanted to see the story of the campaign ASAP since I got the game late, and then bother playing higher difficulties later.
    And yes, I did go back and beat it on Legendary later on.
  12. @Ochalla funding my trip from Georgia to Washington (state) for my 21st birthday and surprised me with a visit from a lady I like to call my guardian angel because she helped take care of me during some of my bad years. 8D It is prolly the one moment of my life I was ever totally stunned and surprised. And it's still one of my favorite memories.
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  13. A brand new room. In the garage. Seriously. It's awesome.
  14. My parents helped foot a huge bill that was largely mitigated by fundraising to go for a trip to Europe when I was 14 with my air cadet squadron. I will never be able to express how much that meant to me, those memories are invaluable to me.
  15. My parents replaced my broken laptop as an early birthday gift

    I don't know about ever; things are pretty situational, but I'm definitely still grateful for that.
  16. Oh Shit, this isn't Christmas specific. XD

    In that case I'd have to say this Gaming Computer I'm currently using.
    Originally I was going to buy it with my own cash, having saved it all up from a Summer Job before I had started college.
    But just as I was at the counter about to pay I get a phone call.

    It was from Dad, he was basically asking if I was home and wanted him to grab something to eat on the way.
    When he learns I'm not home he asks where I am, and I explain I'm about to buy the computer...
    He right then just flat out said he'd pay for the whole thing as a High School Grad present... Out of the blue.

    Completely took me by surprise.
  17. So my best birthday ever was in like, fifth or sixth grade, and I somehow scrounged up the funds to bring my friends and I to a water park. It was pretty huge group. It was a really fun day in general but one of my friends gave me a huge wall scroll for Final Fantasy 13-2 (they'd seen me admiring one similar to it at a comic store in our city). And then later, one of my other friends showed up (at my house after the party) and gave me ANOTHER. She'd forgotten to bring it.

    I hadn't really had a lot of close friends for a long while up until that point so it was a really nice gesture from both of them.
  18. Best gift ever, I think, is this Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops hawkbill knife my husband gifted me on our first date.
  19. The best gift I ever gotten? (open)


    Everyone loves a gift that keeps on giving.

    In all honesty though, I don't have many things to call 'The greatest gift ever' yet. Everything I ever received was always equal in personal value to others. Not only that but I also love all my gifts equally for the most part. Still though, nothing ever really stood out as something personal that I can never replace or live without. I think the greatest thing I ever received are periods in time in which I am happy and enjoying the company of friends and family, the memories those moments created and the times I will always look back in and smile.
  20. And time to take stuff completely out of context. :3
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