I got ideas!!! Inspired by song lyrics.

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  1. Get Stoned by Hinder:

    Idea: [We'll call them Rick and Tina, and John]
    Rick is a pothead and likes his booze. Tina isn't that big of a drinker and avoids pot altogether. Rick is her first love and, though he only seems interested in her when he isn't sober, she is too afraid to let him go. So she deals with the heartbreak and lingers.
    John has been best friends with Tina since they were kids, and is protective of her, but she doesn't seem interested in being in a relationship with him. But he sticks around to hold her through her crying fits.

    Better Than Me by Hinder

    Idea: (Thinking either human or vampire for this one. Could also be demon or whatever)
    A not-so-nice/innocent guy is trying to let this nice/innocent girl go. He does and a few months pass before he realizes what a mistake he made. He realizes that he's in love with her and he wants her back.

    Shadowland by The Lion King Broadway Cast

    Idea: (I don't see this one being very human-ish, unless it's royalty or something. I see it being more otherworldly)
    Though he/she may not like it, they have to leave their homeland to save it, to bring prosperity back to their homeland.
    And, along the way, may find a romantic interest

    I've just posted basic ideas, not whole plots. Just seeing who's interested.
    I usually play female, but I can play male - he just might be soft.
    I don't mind playing gay/straight/lesbian
    PM me or post here if you're interested in any of them, or have any add-ons/changes you think would make them better.
  2. I'm interested in doing a 1x1 with you, with your first idea. I myself am a pothead, and males are my specialty in RPs. So, you're in luck. Did you need me to play both of those males you've mentioned? (I don't mind if so.) I could probably even come up with some more ideas to add to the plot!

    Send me a PM if you're interested in me. I've been looking for some people to write with me now that I've come back here. :] Also, I love Hinder.