I got babies!

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  1. Four of them to be exact (open)

    They weren't exactly cooperative when I tried taking their pictures, but there they are, after weeks of waiting. @_@
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  2. SO CUTE! Beware I may try to steal one <.< >.> kittens are so cute!
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  3. Babies <3 I wish I wasn't allergic. :(
  4. Such tasty adorable morsels.
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  5. Kitty bits!
  6. Bebehs... BEBEHS!!1!!11!

    *scrambles to maintain sanity*
  7. Too much cute... Can't handle it...
  8. Babies I do like! Babies I do like! *happy*

    Something to think about when it comes to kittens: Start handing them early, they need all the socializing they can get, and trust them to choose their humans.
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  9. Would totally adopt one if it wasn't for the fact that I'm in a no-pets apartment.
  10. Their mom....I guess I can't call her a stray, but she happens to like dropping by to give birth in my house. She has an owner, we don't know who it is, but we won't see her for months, and then she turns up pregnant, stays for eight weeks until the kittens are weened and then leaves. @_@ Her last litter only one survived, ad she has severe problems (Stunted growth, not quite the brightest crayon in the box. Hoping this litter does better. I've been feeding her around the clock, because I honestly have no idea what her owners do. It's going to suck though because I'm going to have to find a shelter to take them in since we're moving at the end of the month, and already have too many pets as it is. >_<
  11. How's the ferret handling it?
  12. I like how they all clumped together like some sort of physical force is at work.
  13. She tried stuffing her nose in their ears. lol I don't know why she does that. She does the same thing to my cat. She'll shove her whole face in my cat's ear and starts sniffing around till my cat gets fed up and pins her down. I think she's likes being abused. @_@
  14. awwww If I were near you I would gladly accept a kitten or two. Shame they aren't outdoor cats. My grandma's looking for more mice hunters.
  15. Probably curious why their ears are so big! Still, good to know they get along. :ferret:
  16. Oh no, kittens. My only weakness.

    They're so cute, ohmygosh. I'd adopt all of them were it possible. So adorableeeeeeee.
  17. Will you now be mentioning that you have kids AND kittens in every post you make?

  18. I'd mention my lovely furballs every chance I'd get too. Kittens are adorable Xp
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