I found it difficult to pick between these two...

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Pick one

  1. Immortality

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  2. Teleportation

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  1. Jofie | Bartering Hall | Late Afternoon

    Interactions: Allie @VengefulPeanut

    Jofie almost let a smirk cross his face, but he held it back at last second. Well, shit; he knew that the Unity Fighters and Zealots shared bad blood, but this woman's eagerness to scrounge up dirty on Pyphreos was beyond amusing. And so achingly easy. Jofie settled for adopting a sour expression and glaring in the Master Priest's direction.

    "That fucker over there prances around claiming Faith this, sacrifice that, but he's actually full of shit." His features darkened even further as he locked eyes with Allie. "The righteous attitude is just a front. A cover up for all of that fucked up shit that goes on behind doors. Trust me on this."

    His jaw clenched, the next words leaving a bitter trail along his tongue and clanking against the back of his teeth. After a beat of hesitance, he finally spat them out. "I used to be a Zealot a few years back. Seen all of their shit myself. If you don't believe me, ask the dipshit yourself. He'd be more than happy to tell you about my old membership." Jofie knew that he was running a high risk; Pyphreos could quite easily reveal that he was responsible for his parents' murder, but he know how proud the Master Priest was. Tainting the Zealot name even further with rumors of civil discord and killings inside the church? It would be catastrophic.

    All the while, his hands slipped inside his robe pockets, resting there casually. His finger carefully caressed his tiny pouch. Just one. He could feel it through the cloth. Only one Pulpa left.

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  3. “Kind of.”
  4. Would you be alright with another time skip? Mmm....
  5. That post may had been silly, but ...*snort*

    Have fun with your post...
  6. “She’s still a cat.”
  7. Lol! Sylvie knows she secretly likes it X'D

    *Hugs Jennifer* Poor thing...I hate seeing her so nervous. =/
  8. A'Llara Petrresi, The Nurse - Pyrrhus Science Wing

    "Yes... 'Real' food." There was something about the dispensed food that just didn't sit well with Lara. The way it was mostly 3D Printed from protein and flavours and in the rare cases where it's actual food it's all so hastily prepared it ruins the flavour and often doesn't get the spice ration properly. Even the most advanced dispensers which had the option of tweaking recipes served you mostly fast food. It just wasn't the same as a nice meal of cooked meat and steamed vegetables. Sure it took way more time and effort but the taste greatly different. Or perhaps it was all in her head and she just enjoyed the process of making the food or eating a meal properly prepared. "I think the Dining hall is crowded right now and frankly I just don't think that food processor has anything I would enjoy." No time was wasted in scavenging Marica's desk and workstation for any hidden treats, of which there were none. She must have hidden them well or kept them on her at all times. It was unfortunate that she couldn't pilfer a few more candies.

    "She already invited me to dinner actually. I think I might just accept that and see if she knows how to cook. I have to admit that Terran food is rather delicious. In a way, it reminds me of home but somehow still exotic with odd and exciting flavours." Though Taasi might appear exotic due to their particularly luminescent attributes the same could be said of Humans. Viewed from a Taasi standpoint they lead such short lives but they fill it with so much passion for what they do that they can reach levels of inspired greatness that the long-lived species never experience. In a way, Lara pitied them for having so little time in the galaxy but also held them in high regard due to how they use it. It was admirable, both of the human ladies that worked from Science Wing were less than half her age and both were experts in their areas of science. It was very like Lara to always see the best in people and focus on the positives, it made her smile all the more genuine.

    "I suppose I should appreciate moments of boredom like this. The mission is unlikely to stay as easy as it is now." Picking up the e-cig she seemed to consider something for a second. Gently shaking her head she placed it back on the desk beside Rae and smiled. "My lungs don't really handle smoke well. I'd rather not rush back to the medbay hacking and gasping for an inhaler. Thanks, anyway." Lara leaned back against the cabinet letting her small head touch the cool metal. "So why do they call you Genie? If I rub you hard enough will you grant me wishes?" The sarcasm in her voice was obvious but just to further drive the point home she raised an eyebrow. The question was genuine but the joke was meant to show it wasn't too serious of a deal, just idle curiosity really.
  9. Lmaoooo! Bruh I swear Samuel has learned his lesson. X'D

    And forreal though! Sylvie's gonna tear my heart apart man! *cranks up Kendra Comfort to 1,000*
  10. Teleporters have the advantage of fast and easy power/advantages immediately. Assuming a teleporter just figured out he can teleport anywhere, and he fought a person who just realized he's immortal, the teleporter can win easily. He just teleports the hapless immortal into a really hot place, underneath the earth, or deep beneath the ocean, then warps back out. The hapless newly immortalized guy won't know what hit 'im, and will stay stuck for an eternity.

    Immortality brings more possibilities to the table that even those with teleportation cannot fathom. Assuming an immortal has aged enough and used his immortality well, he could learn arcane secrets, developed technologies, or made friends with people you normally couldn't in one lifetime. Not to mention all the experience - you may be able to even predict the teleporter's jumps in the fight and work against it.

    Not to mention that if the immortal has gotten used to the fact that pain is meaningless, the usual teleporter trick of sticking him somewhere won't work - if for instance, he grabs hold of the teleporter much harder than a normal person would, without regard to his fingers or joints/muscles. The teleporter would have a harder time getting rid of him as a result.

    I'd choose immortality in this case.
  11. Teleportation hands down.

    First of all as your grow older your perception of time changes:
    You know how when you were a kid an hour seemed like forever? As people grow, their brain starts to perceive time differently. An hour feels like less time. Now extend that logic to a year, or a decade, or a century. This means that eventually, you will be completely unable to form relationships with human beings because their lives and deaths will flash past you like your mind is Flash Gordon on speed.

    Secondly, let's say that you are ok with being a freakin hermit and somehow the world survives the possibilities of asteroid strikes, WWIII, etc. etc. eventually like five billion years from now the sun will expand to a red giant and roast everything and you will be the only thing that survives, and the Sun eventually rips earth to rubble through gravity. Now I know what you're thinking "I"ll just float to some other galaxy and chill there man after all the Andromeda galaxy is only 1500 light years away man I have all the time in the world eerr... rather space!"

    However your speed of float will never get you there as in a few trillion or so years entropy kicks in where everything is the same. No stars or black holes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, with you floating there in the void FOREVER.

    And that's why it would suck to be immortal.

    Thus teleportation wins.
  12. You're thinking too hard again, Pan-luff. *petpets Pan and distracts with a lovely pink gown*
  13. But I'm already undead and I can tap into magical energies....
  14. Is it TIME teleportation?
  15. Immortality on this one. It's good for planning. I don't really care if I look like an old hoot, I like my grit.

    What if I knew I could teleport, but...
    -I can't control it, thus leading me to teleport into walls, or worse, into THE FUCKING SUN?
    -Someone or something can 'pull' me out in the process of teleportation?
    -Someone or something makes contact with me in the process of teleportation that can do bad stuff to people?
    -Repeated teleportation will wear my body down?

    I will always assume hyperspace is a scary place. Teleporters would live fast an' loud, I assume.
  16. Time teleporters would technically be immortal.. Once the start going around in time they'd exist everywhere at all times.. Because at one point in time they would have went to those other points in time..So then they exist everywhere at all times like Anna..
  17. Isn't immortality that on your OWN you can live forever without dying of natural causes or basic stuff like starvation/dehydration?

    Immortality to me just means you stay looking as young as you are when you get it if you're lucky.

    But does that mean you can LIVE through something like complete incineration?

    Half you guys picking immortality seem like you're throwing in INVINCIBILITY as a given part of being immortal.

    Wanna live forever if you lose half your torso? Does it regrow magically? Can you survive gunshot wounds without treatment? Beyond decapitation?

    I pick teleportation . . . as long as I can control it.

    Otherwise I'll stay the way I am.
  18. Teleportation.. I'm lonely enough as it is without knowing that I'll outlive everyone I ever meet..
  19. Oh, then if it's jut immortality/eternal youth, I'd still choose it.

    Teleportation is kinda just an optional thing for me, anyway, and if I wanted to die, I'd just find a warzone to die in.

    But still if you play your cards right, the experience you accumulate over the years could give you an edge over a teleporter.